UBEE DDW36C1 not in bridge mode even business static IP is assigned, continuous lag in connection

We just got our new 50/5 "Business Class" connetion with UBEE DDW36C1 modem


We have static IP assigned as we needed one. The modem is connected to our own Cisco firewall router and VPN system.  Also we have VOIP phones behind the router (LAN).

The speed/ latency was good for 3-4 hours. Then it started to cough. We got over a second delays and multiple time-outs while pinging it. If I re-boot the modem it works all ok again the next 3-4 hours. And so on and on,  gone few weeks, everyday the same thing. Re-booting anything else in the network does not help.

We got first ticket out and the Spectrum tech stopped by and said their system is ok, it is  our router or something is the problem...

I started to look what the settings are and it seems this modem is not in True bridge mode. It is in some kind of by-pass mode, "private bridge pass" or whatever with DHCP on in th WAN and LAN. I was thinking it i is the DHCP that screws up this. No logs are assigned so it is not logs overflowing. Donno if there's some buffer that gets filled??

Something inside the modem gets stuck, it is always 3-4 hours steadily, so I boot it first thing in the morning, then lunch time and more often if needed, as it affects to our voip phones (impossible to use when second lag or timeouts) same with any conference calls with PC. We just re-boot it 5min prior to any conference.

I saw somewhere in the forum that the modem should absolutely be in bridge mode. Our own guys agree. We opened a second ticket with TWC/Spectrum to get it to Bridge Mode:

Spectrum said that "We can set the modem to bridge mode, but that will break the static ip the modem hands out.  So your IP ###.###.###.### would no longer work. Do you want to us to proceed and put the modem to bridge mode, so you will lose your static IP?" 


We just need Spectrum to give us a modem with static IP, with no non-sense.

But we got a All-in-one Modem/Wifi/Router/Firewall. The firewall is even on and cannot be disabled.

Can I put in a purchased modem like ASUS CM-16 replacing the Ubee? The ASUS does not even have any setups in it, I don't think it would work with Spectrums static IP either?


I did that modem swap in my home as I did not want to pay the monthly rental, put my own modem and send the MAC to TWC and up and running since 2015.

My home connection is half the speed but it is very stable, no problems what so ever, never.


But  this " Business Class" with business class pricing (10 times what i pay my home connection), is unbeliavable annoying and I don't know anymore what to do? HELP!




Re: UBEE DDW36C1 not in bridge mode even business static IP is assigned, continuous lag in connectio

Contact them and demand a modem only like a 6183, They must supply the biz class modem

I'll bet there's a DHCP lease issue, probably not set for a day but an hour or tw0.


Those Ubees are horrible and yet their techs swear by them because they're all they have available most of the time. They also put in 3 seperate modems... one for phone, a second for internet and a 3rd for wifi hotspots. 

You cannot change a biz class modem, don't have the login/ password to do that.

IPv6 doesn't work, write that off



Re: UBEE DDW36C1 not in bridge mode even business static IP is assigned, continuous lag in connectio

Ok, today the tech came in to swap the modem. First he asked what was really our problem. I told that we just need "plain dumb gateway bridged modem" due our VPN system. I said the Ubee gets somehow jammed in the LAN side. The last tech visit showed wrong info as he just pinged from the modem out, so it did not show anything had congested on the LAN side. He just said everything is fine, our own system sucks....

This was easy for me to prove contrary as only the modem re-boot helped, nothing else.

So today after I told what we need, he said the Ubee will not work, he needed to call one guy who may know something about the bridging. He went to his truck and found an Arris DG1670 gateway, and he said this should do it. I gave him our gateway and static IP's.

After 15 min on the phone with some IT guy, the line went up and it's been picture perfect since.

I was able to login to the modem and I checked that the firewall is off, nope it was not, so I did disable that. Otherwise it seems to be now what we are paying for. 

Now, 11 hours and not a single jump over 100ms on the pings. I'm now pinging our server from my home, and the ping goes through the modem, through the VPN firewall router, all the way to the server, avg ping around 40ms. Lowest on 25ms highest on 60ms, some of the latency comes from my home connection also. Our office connection main importance is stability.

We had prior to this 3Mbps up/dn for 12 years with 2 xT1's. It was stable as a rock but very expensive for the speed and I wanted some savings. But we never had any issues with Voip phones or Skype etc, only connection to our ERP was giving headaches as that server is in Europe. 


This Arris DG1670 is also so called "residential modem". Seems, there's no business model's available? A model that would be installed to the server rack and which would have cooling fans like any other pro devices. Our old Cisco 3825 service router that glued the T1's together had terminal line programming, had real pro look and reliability. It is still fully funcional after 13 years of service. Try that with these plastic Ubees or similar coffee warmer "business class" modems?


So just be demanding until your system is on the level you are paying for. You have to fight against the windmills of cable company mafia. I'm not an IT guy but know some basics and internet is good source of data. The TWC forum helped me a lot to keep my head up and keep blaming the modem for the problem. I almost lost hope after a month of crappy connection and Spectrum saying the "line is ok, we are monitoring it".


I'm now ok with this today's development. It is just unbelievable how behind the US internet infrastructure is from e.g Europe. I left my home country 13 years ago, I had fiber connection to my house on the countryside! It was a big chock when I arrived to US, to see how crappy and expensive the internet was and still is . In my home country, it is in the law that everyone has the right to access internet. Here, it is a privilege and an expensive one. 

Anyway thanks the forum and MsRaye keeping me to trust on my own judgement contrary what the mafia tells you. I feel sorry for people who are not as stubborn or believing on yourself against company "pro's"


Re: UBEE DDW36C1 not in bridge mode even business static IP is assigned, continuous lag in connectio

I have some of the rack mount ones TWC threw out... Problem is that they're single channel Docsis 2's but it appears the module could be changed to a docsis 3.

 If you need rack mount, I'll bet Middle Atlantic makes a shelf/ bezel for the 1670's


Re: UBEE DDW36C1 not in bridge mode even business static IP is assigned, continuous lag in connectio

Holy cow! I've just provisioned that exact UBEE to replace my trusty little SB 6141, thinking 16x is better than 8x. I opted out of WiFi so it was automatically provisioned in bridge mode. Hope that all is well.


Re: UBEE DDW36C1 not in bridge mode even business static IP is assigned, continuous lag in connectio

6141's can't span more than 90 mHz spread apart channels whereas most of the 16's can go 150 mHz. acceptance bandwidth, Some 16's and most 24-32's can go 900 mHz (full bandwidth

Newer DSP is a lot better than stuff written 5 years ago.

 Issue with skipped channels however is serious when there's a nasty high level tv channel there. It hoses up the DSP in the modem.

 For the most part, 4 and 8 channel modems were designed before any thought was giving subscribers more than 20-50 megs downstream or streaming video. Nothing was done to make them compatable with more channels and huge skips. the 4 channel ones are only rated for 36 mHz of acceptance bandwidth.