Rookie Evening/Night Drops

So ive had multiple techs come out even a lead supervisor tech come out and redo my lines and connection which solved my internet drops but im having a new issue which only seems to happen around the times from 6:30pm and threw the night, i live stream on twitch and i get massive dropped frames around those times of day, still get no answers on spectrums side other than it could be related to twitch but this issue dosent happen all the time i can stream threw the day with no issues at all,ive ran the twitch bandwidth test tool which when the issue is occuring my bandwidth is 10000+kbps and 85-100 quality but as soo as the issue starts i run the test again and i get like 1200kbps and 0 quality ,im just out of options dosent seem like the techs kno whats going on cuz on there end my connections are perfect,speeds are perfect, and no time outs ,ps when i speed test when this issue occurs my speeds are still amazing gg.JPGdasd (1).JPG


Re: Evening/Night Drops

Congested routes? Notice how wide the variance is to other cities... an indicator it is more route specific.

Most likely 2nd/third party network segments. Once you get handed off at Spectrum's IXP to another company's network, they have no direct control of QoS on the other side. If you can snoop the endpoint IP and get a tracert to it, they may be able to run it up the flagpole to the powers that be... otherwise, may be completely out of their hands.
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The speeds that Twitch is reporting are NOT rocket fast, more like turtle slow!  San Jose at 4,839 kbps is less than 5 megabits per second.  If the measurement Twitch makes is really round trip, you should consider it normal for up to a 60 Megabit TWC/Spectrum internet connection, which has only a 5 Mbps uplink. 

Everything that raist5150 said earlier is also true because your connection is always established through the same Spectrum IXP, based on your home location.  The physical location of your target server's IP address doesn't matter at all.


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yea im hoping its a twitch issue cuz ive had multiple techs and they redid everything on my line and connections are perfect speed is 498mbps down/and 28mbps up which is better then most ppl in my area , hard part is lastnight after posting this issue it mysteriously started working flawlessly streamed for 4.5 hours with no issues or dropped frames