Trouble connecting with one person

I have a friend that i try to play online games with, but most of the time when we try to play we have a hard time connecting to each other. We have tried changing about all of the settings that we can think of to try and fix our issues. The only thing that we can't really change is our internet provider which is TWC. We both have many other friends that we can both play with, but if both of us try to connect, even using another person as a 3rd party to join off of, it still dosen't work. Im not sure if this is the best place to post this but im not really sure where else to go when the problem is across multiple games and game companys like this. Not sure if anyone else has had any problems like this at TWC.


Thanks for any help or sugestions that you may have.


Re: Trouble connecting with one person

TWC blocks/ limits peer to peer connections if that's what you're trying to do without a server in the middle

paranoid that copyrighted movies/music are being "shared"


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Re: Trouble connecting with one person

1. What games are you experiencing the issues connecting to each  other with?


2. What  changes have you made so far in an attempt to fix the issue?(Both you and your friend)


3.  Wired or wireless? (Both you and you friend)




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Re: Trouble connecting with one person

We arnt trying to do peer to peer we are just trying to play with each other through the servers that games provide.


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1. Some of the games that have given us trouble recently are Payday 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Blood and Bacon, GTA 5 and Dying light. 

2. We have tried  flushing DNS, changing google DNS, upgrading modems, trying connections through Hamachi, turning off firewalls, switching ports/port fowarding, ipv4 and ipv6 and setting network to public/private and  im sure im forgetting some stuff.

3. We are both on wired connection, although we have tried both on wireless aswell as one wired and one wireless. 

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Re: Trouble connecting with one person

Unless you and your friend live next door or across the street from each other you generally won't be able to share access using either of your WiFi access points.  And generally that's a good thing:  You don't want anyone else "stealing" your TWC internet service.  If you are changing network settings, be very careful to maintain security of your home network and internet connection. 

If the gaming software provides for competing against or teaming with a specific other player USING THEIR SERVER for the connection, TWC isn't limiting you.   You may have to carefully check how each game server requires you to request that internal connection, and there are probably no two exactly the same.