TWC installation on vacant land

I own some vacant land that I am installing power onto this summer.  I have to install a pad mounted transformer as my house will be about 700 ft from the road.


While I am digging the trench for installing power, I was hoping I could also install cable for future Internet/TV.


First off, when this far back from the road, is there any special equipment/cable required for proper signal strength?


If I install conduit for the coax cable, will TWC use it in the future for my installation, or will they demand a separate trench be used?  The high voltage power cable will be 36 inches deep in 2" SCH40 PVC conduit.  I can have the conduit for the coax about 2 ft higher in the trench.


I have read that TWC will not install service to a lot without a residence or almost completed home.  I won't be building there for ~2 years, but I will have power running to a shipping container, I'd like to have internet access in said container for security cameras etc.


I don't have confidence that I can call TWC and actually have someone understand what I need.


I'd rather install the cable/conduit now while I am trenching for the power.


Has anyone successfully done this/something similar?


Re: TWC installation on vacant land

700' requires 5/8 hardline and it's direct burial.



Re: TWC installation on vacant land

So something like this: ?


Know where I can find a spec sheet on a combination trench layout?  Can this cable be in the same trench as 7620 volt UG power cable?  If so what is the spacing etc.




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No, wrong stuff, that's 50 ohm radio hardline, you need 75 ohmCATV trunk hardline that's like this: 

You should probably contact TWC's local UG contractor for more info.

As for seperation  distances, Check the NEC code.. from memory, I think it's  18 "  or more for HV primary lines



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I buried this in conduit

You will need to check with your power company to determine their burial specs. Normally this is 30" down with Sand Backfill. NEC does not really specify seperation but 18" is advised as the minimum. In theory you can bury the HV at 30" and the RG11 could sit on top of the sand backfill but this makes maintenance a problem in the future and is not recommended.


Best idea is to run the RG11 in conduit 18" down in a seperate trench at least 18" from the other, much easier to maintain this way. The RG11 is direct bury but I had a Gopher chew right through it and had to bury another one all over again. The conduit saves that problem for the future. Seal the conduit to prevent water penetration and it is really easy to pull a replacement later.

You may also want to pull a cable for a camera at the same time using the same conduit as the RG11.


Read the NEC before proceeding and check and codes the county or city may have. Also check for permits required.

Double check with an electrician before proceeding, you may need a certified electician to sign off for any permit.