T4 & T3 Timeout

I've had a persistant issue that doesn't seem to be related to the Cable modem but rather the signal dropping out to my home. Is there any solution out there for this issue?

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Re: T4 & T3 Timeout

One reason your modem may be generating T4 alarms in response to the Ranging Requests is that it has only an 8 channel receiver.  This depends on how the CMTS in your portion of the Spectrum network was reprogrammed, and the number of 300 Mbps, 400Mbps, and Gigabit subscribers in your area.  In many cases, older 8 channel modems like yours are no longer able to cope with the increased data volume environment that needs 16 channels, 24, or even 32 in major metro areas to deliver the much higher speed internet services over cable. 


You ought to consider upgrading your modem to a model with 16 channels or more, in order to complete the Ranging setup, which is the automated level setting proces used every time a modem resets after a T4 outage.  Or you can elect to use the gateway modem + router that Spectrum includes in their monthly internet service fee.  WiFi is a small extra monthly charge, or you can use your existing router with its built-in WiFi.