Re: T3 timeouts several times a day.

Wait a minute... "disconnected everything"???

what do you mean?

Is there a splitter inline feeding cable boxes and if so please describe it.

You can't have levels that high with splitters in line, sounds like an amplifier issue

Either on the street or in the house



Re: T3 timeouts several times a day.

The levels look high because of the Arris amp.  Before, it was just a passive splitter.  With the passive splitter the US was very high (+53-55) on both modems.  DS power was -1 to -7, again on both modems.  I researched where an AMP could bring down those US power levels.


In the beginning, the tech had three splitters.  One of the splitters had an unknown cable connected.  I went into the attic and found that it was attached to DISH stuff that the previous resident had been using.  So I fixed that.  The T3's and T4's dropped from every hour to about every three hours.  So then I optimized the wiring (getting rid of splitters) as shown below.  Now the T3's are down to roughly two a day.


Current wiring schematic


Wiring schematic


Re: T3 timeouts several times a day.

A tech came out this evening with some test equipment and found water in one of the connectors on the tap that sits up on the poll.  So far so good.  He stated that since the connector had water that the tap may have some as well but he couldn't tell.  He said if the problems come back that the tap will have to be swapped out.  Happy camper so far.  Was gettting a 5db loss from house to tap.