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Thank you everyone for your responses. I'm learning a lot about signals and how they can be affected by other wireless signals. So I'm guessing there is not much I can do if the interference is from wireless carriers?

There are some things you can do such as ensure all connections are tight and that there are no unterminated runs or splitter feeds.


Re: T3/T4 timeouts and disconnects

This may sound strange, but as best you can, check out your cable runs to make sure they are generally in a straight line. No sharp kinking, or tight coil/twisting of the cable going on.

I mention this only because I once had a line get knackered up coming through the rafters and dropping down the siding out back. We had issues right after new siding was hung. When wrangling with the cable, they kinked a spot really bad. TWC tech spotted it, and I pulled a new line... it cleared immediately.

And that was just dual-shield. Quad shield RG6 is much stiffer, and from what I have heard, anything tighter than about a 2 inch radial bend (think wrapping around a 4 inch circular object) may risk some structural issues of the cable. It is really easy for cable to get hung up on something during the pull and binding too tightly in spots. Especially with the less expensive copper clad steel wire most big box retailers put on the shelf. It loves to remember the turns from the roll when you first pull it... have to REALLY work on it to get it straightened out.

As was briefly explained to me, there is actually a "scientific" reason behind it. The cable's internal structure is key to maintaining proper resistance across the length of the cable... compromising that integrity can put you at greater risk for various issues. The cable doesn't necessarily have to get cut to be compromised. If you see signs of the cover getting stressed, there could be something going on there.
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Re: T3/T4 timeouts and disconnects



You bring up some great points and it is quite common.   All the time, we hear about techs that need to run a new coax because it is damaged in the ways you described.   In addition, coax gets damaged when it is pinched under furniture and entertainment centers.   Thanks for your thoughts!  


Re: T3/T4 timeouts and disconnects

Thanks everyone. I will check the lines for any kinks and damage, and to make sure the connections are tight.