Re: Speed drops since package upgrade

WIFI is not amatuer radio. There is part of the 2.4 gHz wifi band that is shared between a bunch of services  and on that portion I can legally run 1500 watts which would probably take out about 40 square miles of wifi sinc they only use 1/10 of a watt

2.4's bidgges issue is bluetooth, cordless phones, wireless baby monitors and cameras, news van STL and microwave ovens (which run 600-1500 watts and could easily have a 1 watt leak on a properly functioning one, more on one with defective door hinges/interlocks)

.As for ingress egress. here in Ohio, 1 in every 5 or 6 pole tap offs have egress and probably 2-5 hardline/amp/tapoff/ couplers per mile.  On my node there were 4 hardline issues, I got the one downstream of me fixed as it was exceeding FCC specs by 10-20x




Re: Speed drops since package upgrade

@agentx5 The tech just left, and I had printed out your post and showed it to him, as you predicted it did help move things along. After testing all our lines, he said it's the tap that needs to be looked at, as he checked the neighbors lines as well and there was definitly a problem coming into the building. He says someone should be out tomorrow to look at the pole and stuff. So thank you for helping to move things along smoothly.