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Spectrum blocks / slows down access to my company website

The website in question is


It provides webmail access and other internal services I need to perform my day-to-day job at Weta Digital (a major VFX company located in New Zealand). Inability to access it rendered me to completely unable to do any work.


Additional info:
1. The access worked fine until Oct 8, 2018 around 5pm, when the connection got interrupted and I was unable to log back in again.
2. The website itself my.wetafx.co.nz may load fine, it is the authentication that does not go through.

3. Any attempts to log in from my friends houses (in North Hollywood area) who have Spectrum also fail.

4. I was able to successfully log in from my friends houses who have other providers like AT&T, I am also able to log in using my phone as a mobile hotspot with LTE.

5. The technician that visited my place about a week ago (and verified the aforementioned behavior) confirmed that Spectrum is likely blocking / slowing down access to my.wetafx.co.nz and that it is likely affecting a whole region (North Hollywood), but refused to comment on reasons for blocking or to provide any resolutions.


Any insight on this would be helpful. I need help ASAP, I can't do my work. Thanks!

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Re: Spectrum blocks / slows down access to my company website

 I apologize for any poor experience.  If the issue is not resolved, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at: 

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Re: Spectrum blocks / slows down access to my company website

I just have been contacted by a Spectrum Operations Manager and the issue has been resolved, thank you!