Spectrum Modem VoIP issues

We are a small independent VoIP provider. Normally we like Spectrum and our phones work well on their network. However, there have been 4 times already in the last few month where we experienced very hard to explain or solve problems. There is a delay when you pick up a call before the sound connects. This can be anywhere from a half a second to 2 seconds before you can hear each other. This also affects other phones in the ring group. If two phones ring and you pick one of them up the otehr one keeps ringing for a bit longer then stops. Same thing with BLF buttons. They don't light up righ away and often stay lid a bit longer after the calls is finished. 

We've reached out to tech support numerous times and the only thing that fixed it is swapping the modem for another brand or model. Sometimes we have to swap them twice before finding a working combination. With the last client we have the modem in bridged mode. If we put phones on LTE backup the issue dissapers. 

Has anyone experiences anything like this? 

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Re: Spectrum Modem VoIP issues

We encourage you to contact support directly for assistance with this. 


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