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I have the same service's but i upgraded from 100 to 400/20mbps i only have Internet service and Arris tm1602ap2 is from 2014. If you check amazon or spectrum videos they use an Arris Sb6831 and router Sagemcom 5260 with blue lights not green. I called as well and the supervisor refused to give me different models. And the Sagemcom adds everyone on a static route. Dhcp is greyed out there's mutliple ip address which they don't want to fix.

Re: Something doesn’t seem right

Sorry it took a bit longer to provide a status update but it looks like the router swap didn’t do the trick...  still spotty WiFi, lag, sluggish/slow speeds and the tv now seems to pause or freeze.


im assuming I’ll need to call spectrum again and tell the about the RCS Partial Service and get a tech back out here?


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Re: Something doesn’t seem right



Yes, if you are seeing RCS service fallbacks we would want to get someone out

to investigate that. 


You can call in to have that done 1-800-892-4357 or contact our

Social Media Customer Care Team directly at 

Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum


If you do contact our Social Media Customer Care team please reference 

the link to your post here.


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