Slowdown at My WiFi Router

Hi Folks,

I'm having performance issues using my WiFi router. The following results were done several days ago when I first got this equipment installed. Internet speed is done using SpeedTest on both a MacBook Air and an iPad Pro.


Here are the products being used.

Netgear WNDR 3400v3 WiFi Router

Arris TM1602 Cable and Phone Router

Spectrum Internet 400mbs


The problem I'm having is poor internet performance through my Netgear router as compared to wired through the Arris modem.


Using Speedtest here are the results. (Upload is similar in all cases)

Wired to Arris:  400+ mbs download speed

Wired to Netgear: 90 mbs down

Wifi 5g from Netgear: 80+- mbs down.

Wifi 2g from Netgear 70+- mbs down.


What I've tried.

1. Swapped for new ethernet cable (Cat. 5E)

2. Reset router to Factory settings. Used default WiFi settings.


No change.


I've not called TWC Tech Support because these were the results with a Service Tech standing with me. When we determined it to be my router, he was unable to offer further assistance.


Thanks for your help.



Proven Sharer

Re: Slowdown at My WiFi Router

Well, no surprise there!  Your external Netgear router's electronics only supports ethernet speeds up to 100 Mbps  over wired or WiFi connections.  It can run at up to 600 Mbps between two devices over WiFi, but not to the internet. 

100 Mbps is also called Fast Ethernet and noted as 100 bTX.  For anything faster than 100, you need Gigabit (1000 Mbps) performance.  There is no intermediate breakpoint between 100 and 1 Gigabit. 

So now it's time to purchase a grown-up router with Gigabit Ethernet and over-the-air speeds of at least 400 Mbps on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz WiFi bands.  I would suggest buying something with three or more large, ugly, external antennas that offers WiFi protocol 802.11AC at 1900 Mbps minimum.  If you expect to stream HD video to two or more viewing devices simultaneously over WiFi, then an o-t-a speed of 2900, 3100, or higher would be better.