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  I just ran a speed test on my Internet connection (twice: once using a server in New York City and the second time using one in Columbus, Ohio) shortly before starting to write this, and was surprised to find that my upload and download speeds are nowhere near 100 Mbps; in fact, speeds in both directions are no faster than five Mbps. I have Spectrum's Everyday Low Price (ELP) Internet service. Is 5 Mbps the fastest speed I can hope for with Spectrum ELP Internet? I realize Spectrum ELP is the lowest-priced Internet service offered by Spectrum, but why on earth is it so slow? Even though it is the lowest-priced Internet service from Spectrum, I would expect much higher speeds from it; after all, the announcements that run with the on-hold music I hear while waiting on the phone to speak with a Spectrum representative state, in no uncertain terms, "fast" Internet speeds, among other things.


 I do not consider 5 Mbps up/download fast. Are these announcements about fast Internet speeds referring to every level of Spectrum's online service, including ELP, or just the service provided with high-priced bundles? My service includes Internet, home telephone, and Spectrum TV Choice. Would I need to upgrade to another, more expensive bundle in order to get anywhere near 100 Mbps upload and download speeds?


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Re: Slow upload and download speeds

The Spectrum standard internet plans (100/10 or 200/20 depending on your location) usually start at $44.99 for new customer promos and I believe $64.99 full retail pricing. 


FYI upload speeds are nowhere near 100 Mbps for any Spectrum customer, even those on the new gigabit plan.

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Re: Slow upload and download speeds

In my neck of the woods, ELP Internet is 3 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up, so if you're getting 5/5 for $14.99 per month, that's not a bad deal.  If you want a faster plan, you'll have to pay more, as already noted.


I do see that you've got a "triple play" plan, so it's probably difficult or impossible to figure out how the amount you're paying splits between the 3 services, but usually the TV component is the most expensive and the telephone component is the least expensive.  Spectrum's typical "triple play" plan says that each service is $29.99 per month for the first year, per service, which actually works out to more than $90 per month because there are hidden fees tucked into it.