Sbg6580 speed

Anyone know why twc has down graded the possible speed of the sbg6580 to only 100 when it is listed as 343 by the manufacturer Also does anyone achieve 300 using the sbg6580
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343 is theoretical max on lab quality connections with light loading.


Not real world and before massive IPTV video streaming& cloud.



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For all modems that we approve for use with our service as a customer owned modem there are maximums that we approve for them even though manufacturers state they can go faster. 


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The MOD is correct.  TWC has downgraded your speeds because you own it.  I use to pay for the 300mps and used their SBG6580 and got close to 300mps over three years ago.  My assumption is that a lot of people started purchasing modems and they lost too much $$$.  That manufacturer comment is a crock of crap.  Its what they are allowing you to have because thats just how they are.  Gotta love greedy Merica.  I am basically dealing with the same issues.  I purcahsed a ARRIS SBG6782-AC which use to be on their 300 list as well as the SBG6580 which I also own...  maybe you can explain why MOD?


Re: Sbg6580 speed

I'm not the mod but know how cable data works.

 The 343 M on an 8x4 which is the theoretical max under lab conditions.

Speed will not hit that reliably with 5 miles of cable and 100's of other subscribers on a steady rate.