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Re: Same old service different week!

I'm not sure where to find the signals I thought Sent the signals after the errors

Re: Same old service different week!

The level page shows it all! You have a badly corroded or loose connector or the outside line is damaged, probably tree rodent chewed up. or at the pole tap off block.


These 2 lines n the log show serious ingress from broadcast TV transmitters on chanels 43 & 44!

4 Locked QAM256 12 645000000 Hz -21.5 dBmV 28.8 dB 576598 63
5 Locked QAM256 13 651000000 Hz -11.5 dBmV 36.2 dB 0 0


Needs twc out if you don't find a loose connector somewhere in the house.

It cannot be fixed over the phone no matter what they tell you.

Good luck....