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SB8200 with high Correcteds

Hi, I was hoping someone could help shed some light on this.  Correcteds on one of my channels climbs incredibly fast.  The screen shot attached is after the modem being up about 10 minutes after a reset.  Should I be concerned?


Thanks for your help!Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 11.04.33 AM.png


Re: SB8200 with high Correcteds

Are you experiencing any internet drops, lags, freezes, etc? Corrected generally are not a problem since the modem is correcting the issue (uncorrecteds would be another story) but it could be that you have a loose connection somewhere allowing ingress from an OTA tv station or nearby cell towers. The frequency on which they occur would be a clue...someone here may chime in on that.

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Re: SB8200 with high Correcteds

I appreciate the reply.  I checked and there does not appear to be any loose connections anywhere.  Before I rebooted my modem, it show over 350 million correcteds in a 1 week period.  I guess the good thing was there were zero Uncorrecteds.


Any other input is greatly appreciated!


Re: SB8200 with high Correcteds

I just purchased this modem and I am expericing the same exact issue.  No problem so far just high corrected number.

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Re: SB8200 with high Correcteds



Very rarely are these issues modem related. I would encourage you to 

make your own thread and include information found here: 





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