Re: Router speed 10x slower than direct connect to modem

The Arris modem does not broadcast any wireless signal. Spectrum rep told me it does not have wifi enabled and would be extra monthly fee to activate the wifi on the Arris modem. So I'm trying to use my Linksys router that I already had. The firmware on the router is up to date.

Also, even when connecting computer with Ethernet cable directly to the Linksys router the download speeds are limited to 20mbps when they are 200 directly connected to the modem. So it is not just the wifi from the router that is being limited it is also the wired direct Ethernet connection going through the router. The reason I want my computer hooked up to wifi router directly is so it will be on the same network as all my other wireless devices, such as printer, phones, laptops, etc.

Re: Router speed 10x slower than direct connect to modem

Have you tried resetting the router to factory defaults, then setting it auto configure WAN settings from provider and such?

Just curious if perhaps it is something like QoS or hardware/NAT acceleration settings that have gotten out of sorts. Doing a reset to "out of box" state and rebuilding might correct such anomolies.