Review of service call

Just wanted to thank the folks at Spectrum for help they provided as a result of my call about slow Internet speeds. There was nothing that could be done with the phone based service call, so they scheduled a technician to come to my home. The technician arrived in the time period scheduled. This was only a one hour window not a wait around all day affair. He was polite and professional. He checked several connections both inside and outside of the house. He determined that the cable going from my wall outlet to the cable modem was responsible for degrading the signal and he replaced it. Since then I have been getting the 100/10 service I am signed up for.  That has been over two weeks now since the visit. So I think it is always good to comment on good service and not just complain when something goes wrong. Thanks again.

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Re: Review of service call

Happy to hear it!


Thanks for coming to let us know! Hope to see you here again! 


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