Re: Requesting MsRaye - 50.7mhz channel

TWC's link you posted that I quoted does not allow customers to use lets say the 100/10 service at that capacity for extended periods of time, that is excessive bandwidth useage.

With all the customers jumping ship on cable tv and switching to streaming video, it's pushed continuous loading way up .

 Gaming was only the tip of the iceberg starting 15 years ago, those problems were never resolved.


 Cable modems and docsis was never designed for that loading much less servers on coaxial cable modem connections.

 FIOS with a 1:1 DS :US ratio has a better chance of meeting customer demands.

But as for home businesses and servers, get a commercial account.



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Re: Requesting MsRaye - 50.7mhz channel

Since it apppears that we disagree, I recommend that you pose the question of whether VoIP servers maintained by you and accessed by others connecting through your TWC Residential Internet Services are permitted on residential internet service to the ultimate authority, TWC, as detailed in the last paragraph of TWC's IAUP document:


"Our residential Services are provided to you for your reasonable, personal, non-commercial use only. The Services cannot be used for any enterprise purpose whatsoever whether or not the enterprise is directed toward making a profit. If it is your intention to use any of our Services for these purposes, please contact TWC to inquire whether we offer commercial services meeting your needs."