Re: Intermittent severe packet loss

Basically Spectrum signal degrades during prime time.  For example, during Lakers games in the early part of the evening using Roku with Spectrum TV apps, the picture breaks up and sometimes buffers.  The Spectrum digital boxes work better.  I guess they use a different band signal.  On Demand may also be affected if digital traffic is heavy.  Popular football games also show the same charteristics when a "good" game is on.  I have a solid Motorola modem, wired and wireless Amplifi router.  We have good to excellent signal strenght.  Half my network is wired the rest use WiFi.  After running some test Spectrum can signal fluctuate from 50-230mbps.  Also note, I live in a high density area.  Lots of internet use after school and again during prime time.  Spectrum need to improve it's network capacity.

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Re: Intermittent severe packet loss

@jodiesipad    Please don't hijack an existing thread which we are using to resolve someone else's service issues.   Please DO include the model numbers of both your modem and router, and also your ZIP Code, so that technical user-responders on the forums have a rough idea where you are located without revealing any personal data. 

If you feel that Spectrum has network speed or capacity issues, you can file complaints and documentation directly with your state's Public Utilities Commission as well as the FCC in Washington DC.  The FCC has made each state PUC responsible for regulation of internet service providers within their state boundaries. 

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Re: Intermittent severe packet loss

Thanks @karlbeckman,  I moved this post and your response to a new thread to avoid any confusion.