Random disconnects with new Ubee router/modem

Just got a new Ubee DVW32C1 router/modem combo from Time Warner. So I hooked it up, and every so often, i'll get the "no internet connection" screen when access a new page/link. After about 10 seconds, the screen loads, and it's fine. This happens about 5 times a day.

Any ideas ? I tried logging into the modems diagnostic screens, but I see no option to view logs (not that I know what the heck i'm looking at, even if I did find an event log). Also, there was nothing wrong with my old modem and router. I went to TWC to exchange my faulty DVR for a new one, and they noticed I was using old, outdated modem/router and "upgraded" it, along with replacing the faulty DVR. All I did when I got home was hook up the equipment per the instructions, and while it appears faster and whatnot, I'm now getting disconnected randomly, but for only about 10 seconds.

It's not a huge deal, but downloads get interrupted now, which is frustrating.


Re: Random disconnects with new Ubee router/modem

copy and paste the signal level pages

are you using a wired connection?



Re: Random disconnects with new Ubee router/modem

Is this what you need ?


Startup ProcedureProcedureStatusComment

Acquire Downstream Channel741000000 HzLocked
Connectivity StateOKOperational
Boot State  
Configuration FileOK 

Downstream Bonded Channels Channel Lock Status Modulation Channel ID Frequency Power SNR Correctables Uncorrectables

1 QAM256 741000000 Hz3.2 dBmV38.6 dB10
2 QAM256 651000000 Hz4.1 dBmV39.3 dB00
3 QAM256 657000000 Hz4.1 dBmV39.2 dB00
4 QAM256 663000000 Hz4.3 dBmV39.3 dB00
5 QAM256 669000000 Hz4.7 dBmV39.5 dB10
6 QAM256 675000000 Hz4.5 dBmV39.2 dB10
7 QAM256 681000000 Hz4.6 dBmV39.5 dB10
8 QAM256 687000000 Hz4.7 dBmV39.4 dB00
9 QAM256 693000000 Hz4.3 dBmV39.3 dB10
10 QAM256 699000000 Hz4.3 dBmV39.2 dB20
11 QAM256 705000000 Hz3.9 dBmV39.0 dB10
12 QAM256 711000000 Hz4.0 dBmV39.2 dB10
13 QAM256 717000000 Hz3.9 dBmV39.2 dB00
14 QAM256 723000000 Hz3.4 dBmV38.6 dB10
15 QAM256 729000000 Hz3.5 dBmV38.8 dB00
16 QAM256 735000000 Hz3.3 dBmV38.4 dB00


Total Correctables Total Uncorrectables


Upstream Bonded Channels Channel Lock Status US Channel Type Channel ID Symbol Rate Frequency Power

1 ATDMA 5120 Ksym/sec24200000 Hz44.5 dBmV
2 TDMA 2560 Ksym/sec19400000 Hz44.0 dBmV
3 ATDMA 5120 Ksym/sec30600000 Hz45.0 dBmV
4 ATDMA 5120 Ksym/sec37000000 Hz45.8 dBmV


CM IP AddressDurationExpires

 D: -- H: -- M: -- S: ----- --- -- --:--:-- ----

Current System Time: Fri Jan 20 06:08:57 2017


Re: Random disconnects with new Ubee router/modem

I forgot to mention, yes, it's wired.

Re: Random disconnects with new Ubee router/modem

Been in hospital/ 2 computers corrupted, missed your reply...Woman Frustrated


This could be too short of a DHCP lease.. Make sure it's set for a day, not an hour.

It's in the router, unknown if you can change it since it's TWC's

You could also have a computer issue

This could also be a defective modem, bad firmware in it.

See if you can copy and paste the modems signal level and error log pages at least 2-4 hours after it reset so I can see some real history.

 Do you have a verizon 4G phone?

This may be ingress on the 741 mHz channel and screwing up the modem.




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Sorry for the delay. Been busy, you know how it is. Anyway,  I logged onto my Ubee router/modem's site to look for the info. The DHCP lease time says "3600". I could just try to exchange the device at TWC. No other computer issues . I don't have a Verizon 4G phone. OK, about the signal levels and error logs...for the Ubee DVW32C1, either i'm stupid (which is a distinct possibility), or this modem/router's site lacks that info. Nowhere on it does it mention error logs. I googled this model and found this link, which will show you all screenshots : ... if you could check link that out and tell me what screen would show the info you're looking for, that'd be great. I don't know much about this stuff - but I was able to log onto the modem's site, so that's ... something. Sorry for being a moron, and thanks in advance !  


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Junk... 3600 seconds is one hour, change it to a day for a start...

 Uh, that's trhe MFG's link, does me no good, lol..Woman LOL

 copy and paste stuff from your modem here so we can see it, Robot Sad


 TWC should have some technicolors which are a level better than the Ubee's but still no great prize....



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Logged into the modem/routers site. Changed the lease time to a day, still having the random (yet very short) disconnects. Regarding the link I posted, yes, I know it was the MFG's link, but it does show every screen shot that you can eventually get from logging into the router/modem. I only posted that link because I have no idea which screen is the one showing the info that you need, I'm not totally sure how to actually locate and post the equipments signal levels and error log. If you look at those screenshots, maybe i'm blind, but I see no area showing an error log, and I'm not really sure where I can locate the signal leves. Sorry ! 


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Get TWC out, we can't help you without data to look at. This is peer to peer support.



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Will try one more time ...