Ping instability to the first gateway - 4 truck rolls so far

4 truck rolls in and no solution. 

My first hop (I assume Charter Spectrum CMTS):

30 pings to the server from my modem: 

Minimum = 10ms, Maximum = 122ms, Average = 21ms

30 pings to the same Charter server from my friends house that is on Northstate:

Minimum = 28ms, Maximum = 46ms, Average = 29ms


Today is a very good day for this problem, usually the ping spikes are much worse.  These ping tests were run simultainiously and are repeatable any time, any day. The packets sent from Northstate went through at least 11 servers, from NC to GA and back again to SPECTRUM'S SERVER. This in contrast to my ping through Spectrum to their own gateway that is probably within a mile of me. Basically, a Northstate connection to a Spectrum server is FAR cleaner than a Spectrum connection to ANY server. Most days I'm getting 5-25% packet loss. Today is 1% but the ping spikes are still appearant. 


Full tracert from Spectrum: 

1 <1 ms * <1 ms unknown []
2 12 ms 24 ms 14 ms cpe-75-177-64-1.triad.res.rr.com []


Abbreviated tracert from the Northstate connection:

2 72-11-54-1-dynamic.northstate.net ( 2.808 ms 2.987 ms 2.996 ms
3 97-75-159-21-static.northstate.net ( 4.006 ms 3.538 ms 5.474 ms
4 * * lag-119.ear1.Atlanta2.Level3.net ( 11.288 ms
5 0.ae11.pr0.dca20.tbone.rr.com ( 17.327 ms 0.ae12.pr0.atl20.tbone.rr.com ( 11.195 ms 35.951 ms
6 bu-ether25.vinnva0510w-bcr00.tbone.rr.com ( 20.809 ms bu-ether23.atlngamq46w-bcr00.tbone.rr.com ( 10.094 ms bu-ether15.vinnva0510w-bcr00.tbone.rr.com ( 17.914 ms
7 bu-ether11.asbnva1611w-bcr00.tbone.rr.com ( 23.429 ms ( 15.527 ms 20.858 ms
8 ( 29.995 ms 25.111 ms 28.472 ms
9 ( 37.640 ms 37.577 ms be1.gnbpncnd01r.southeast.rr.com ( 29.941 ms



Re: Ping instability to the first gateway - 4 truck rolls so far

This was a short ping test, for the record. I am regularly getting pings of over 200ms and drops.


Re: Ping instability to the first gateway - 4 truck rolls so far

Just ran a test tethered to my phone. Sprint LTE, all pings  to the CHARTER SPECTRUM SERVER at 80-90ms.

So there is a distinct advatage to using a cellphone's LTE instead of Spectrum, for anything where latency is a factor.

I'm going to post my test results to some gaming forums, they care. For me, the dropped packets are making it hard to work at home and even cause VPN issues when the problem is bad.

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Re: Ping instability to the first gateway - 4 truck rolls so far

The forums are peer-to-peer support by other customers, not from Spectrum employees.  You can help by NOT posting edited reports from traceroute or ping.  Every character is put into the report for a reason.  Editing out sections hints that someone is trying to hide something, rather than helping to resolve your open issue.

What you measured was delays between Sprint's network and the Spectrum IXP gateway over Sprint's internet transport.  And your business IT department knows that VPNs require errorfree data transfer end-to-end.  Every uncorrected packet error will cause a VPN to drop, something that you can view in your modem's performance statistics.


Re: Ping instability to the first gateway - 4 truck rolls so far

Need the signal level and error log printouts to go any further.

DO NOT RESET THE MODEM, need 4 hours of run time

You are on a wired connectioon, not wireless, correct?



Re: Ping instability to the first gateway - 4 truck rolls so far

After going though 4 truck rolls and exchanging the modem twice, I have solved this issue.

All my local spectrum store has ar two Arris models of modems. One has WiFi and one doesn't. i have learned they are both powered by an Intel SOC called Puma 6 which has a defect that causes erratic pings. There are real world perceptable consequences for this in activities that rely on consistent latency. It seems nobody at Spectrum support is aware of the public issue though so I had to arrive at it on my own. That's a lot of waste.


I bought a Netgear CM600, and while there is still more jitter than the Northstate connect to Spectrum's server (passing hundereds of miles), my ping to the first hop now peaks at 60ms instead of over 200ms.


I abbreviated the ping tests for the sake of posting. Four different Spectrum techs have agreed that the levels are fine, and I confirmed myself. So I guess the conclusion is that if gamers want to use Specrtum, they cant use the provided modems or any that are based on the Intel Puma 6 SOC.

Thanks goes to the fine people at DSLREPORTS forum.



Re: Ping instability to the first gateway - 4 truck rolls so far

In reply to  karlbeckman:

What I measured was a high but consistent ping through Sprint's network while entering by LTE. This in contrast to a directly wired ethernet connection to the provided modem. Over cable modem I was getting spikes to over 200ms, often. Over sprint it stayed between 80ms and 110ms. Much more predictable. I have nothing to hide, please lookup the term "jitter" for more info.

I had no "uncorrectables" in the log, I kept track for the past two weeks. 


I still find a spike of 60ms to my first hop to be sad, dial-up was more stable. Getting off of the Intel modems has made a world of difference. I'd also add that it's possible that network upgrades are exposing the problem with these modems. I don't know, it's hard to imagine how this could be so bad and the techs have no idea what the issue is.


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Still need to see the signal page and tracert  off of either modem, but prefferably the first one..... It's not a modem issue but changing modems temporarily fixes it.  need to compare the tracert's between the 2

 written in that threadd is:"Careful about pinging at a fast rate to things like google or dslreports. It causes thier servers to be unhappy and they might even lock you out as they might think of you as a attack. You can see the issue at .1. Even then .1 might look like a attack. Use your gateway at your ISP or DNS server or CMTS. Even then dont just leave it running for a long time, they might get angry too. Test and then stop. To look up your Gateway, DNS servers use google for your OS and see how to do that. If your using a router then the router will have that info and you need to google how to find that with your router make and model. To fidn your CMTS, look up how to do a trace route on your OS. Then its the first hop out that returns a ping. Usally the 3rd one down the list, maybe 2nd. Traceroute google.com..

But caution with high ping rates they may look like a attack. ISP have rules on that."


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" It's not a modem issue but changing modems temporarily fixes it."

When changing back to the Puma 6 modems, the problem is instantly measurable and no waiting is needed. All 4 service techs that came concured but were not aware previously of this issue. Intel, Charter, and Comcast are aware though, and have been for at least 18 months now.  It's possible that this modem flaw exacerbated a local system problem. My ping spikes to the CMTS are not 60ms instead of being over 200ms. I checked at a friends house who is also on Charter and his ping is more stable than mine. His modem is owned by him and is not powered by the defective chipset (Puma 6).  So, I'm about to bypass my router again and check the logs on the new modem to report back here, as there may be additional issues that are compounding to cause extra high spikes of latency.


In addition to the link I already provided, just Google search "Puma 6 latency". I'm afraid now that Spectrum is distributing these modems themselves, you will see more support cases caused by it. Also, I do not play World of Warcraft, but I did find in my research that they are troubled by it. WoW has an "expansion" coming soon that will draw back probably millions of players who now may be on Puma 6 modems that still have no resolution. This is going to be a mess.  

Reference: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752441321




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I was going to post a link to a Google search of this issue on this very forum. Then I stumbled across this thread where MsRaye suggested that a person dump a Puma 6 modem. 



Why are you acting like this isn't an issue now? I think I was accused in this thread of having something to hide because I cleaned part of a tracert that had no response, but now I'm perplexed. Please explain MsRaye.