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Phone won't find 5G connection

Have never had a problem with cell phone connecting to our 5G, but after being out of town for a week, it wil only find the 2.4G connection.  How do I get my phone to find the 5G network?  Modem is Arris TG1672G.

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Re: Phone won't find 5G connection

Possibly an issue with the phone. Do you know how to login to your router settings to see the name of your wireless network? Its possible that the 5G is there but the broadcast name has changed, possibly reset to default. If you are unfamiliar with how to do that, then yes, I would recommend reaching out to our Internet Technical support. In my opinion though, unless you live in a densely populated area, the 2.4G is the better option. You get more range from the lower frequency.

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Re: Phone won't find 5G connection

go into the router and see if the SSID on 2.4 and 5.8 gHz is the same...

 add 5gHz to the 5.8 gHz ssid.

 Many devices won't show duplicate ssid's



 Since it's a 1672, I'll bet it's TWC leased and again, the issue with leased "all in ones" They periodicly reset all the info

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Re: Phone won't find 5G connection

First thing I would suggest would be to unplug the modem for 30 seconds

plug it back in. If you are using a separate router (you had not said if you were

or were not) powercycle that after the modem has rebooted.


Then fully reboot the phone. 


Do other devices in the home still see and connect to the 5G? 


If they are but the phone still does not and a powercycle of the phone does not 

work you may also want to contact support for the phone. 


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