Re: Packet Loss/Disconnection Issues - Blizzard games

take it to a TWC store and get a replacement.

You're paying $10 a month for a modem worth maybe $20

single channel docsis 2 modems areonly reliable for the 3 meg economy package anymore.

Before streaming video and cloud based storage or peer to peer gaming, Single channels were fine, but with bandwidth loading, they no longer work as a single channel will get congested with nowhere else to go.



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Re: Packet Loss/Disconnection Issues - Blizzard games

@seeker724 wrote:

I guess, it's what they gave me when I first signed up with TWC. Like 3 years ago.

So I can just pick up my own modem? I take it that you recommend this 8x4 bonding docsis 3?

Definitely recommended reading:


Reseach reviews on the products. Also definitely recommend getting something that will meet or exceed your needs for awhile.


When TWC goes to add a customer owned modem in placed of a rental/leased, the service codes are changed. And the new modem's HFC MAC is added to your account.


And do NOT use eMTA gateways.  The eMTA part for phone isn't not allowed to be anything other than a rental by the FCC for one, which means the system won't be setup to give the right firmware and bootfile file updates.  Gateways in general are weaker (all things being equal) with their internal antennas than a seperate modem and seperate WiFi router.  I practice what I preach on this.


The more downstream channels (think of it like lanes of traffic on a highway), the more data in total can be piped through for bandwidth and the more distributed the frequencies are (helps with a neighbor who is polluting your nearby lines with feedback noise).  More is better, but not always necessary.  In a nutshell.

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Re: Packet Loss/Disconnection Issues - Blizzard games

MsRaye, agentx5 - I appreciate the help. I will be checking out the link and read up on it.


Re: Packet Loss/Disconnection Issues - Blizzard games

Been awhile, but the game that I was having problems with just came out. Glad to say I was able to play with no packet loss.


I did some traceroutes to their server while the game wasn't availible after getting the new Modem, didn't notice packet loss back then but still wanted to wait till the release to be sure.


Thank you again for the help guys, MUCH APPRECIATED.