Overly spliced, standing water, ugly/negligent wiring

So we pay/paid for 200 mbs, routinely it tests at 50-70, tonight 3 ----- yes, 3.0. Samsung tried to trouble shoot through our TV, lenovo has troubleshooted through the PC, even though I knew these were a waste of time -- just covering my bases trying to get the most out of the bad internet. I knew the wiring was ugly/poorly done outside our townhomes, but I had never walked over to really LOOK at it.


Not only is it spliced into oblivion, but it's taped into PVC piped that are filled with black standing water, clearing corroding, and it's just a mess, let alone dangerous.


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Re: Overly spliced, standing water, ugly/negligent wiring

Have you called Spectrum to tell them what you found?  You won't get a credit on your monthly bill unless you report the speed problem and the line conditions.

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Re: Overly spliced, standing water, ugly/negligent wiring

Good morning. 


I would definitely encourage you to contact our Social Media Customer Care team

to have an appointment scheduled for this to be addressed.


They can be reached at 


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum


Please do include your account number. The photos would also be very helpful!


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