Outside plant power backup failure

In Thousand Oaks, CA, is the outside plant supposed to be protected against power failure? We had a power outage last night, and I turned on my backup power and powered up the cable modem. No signal. I recall seeing a red light on the cable amp box during the last power outage, so I think someone needs to replace that battery.


Who should I report this to? I don't have cable phone, but I am sure some people do and rely on it.


Re: Outside plant power backup failure

contact your state PUC  and cable tv commission....

 You will get nowhere with 1-800-twc able


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Re: Outside plant power backup failure

Each state has separate and different regulations covering telephone and cable TV providers, there is no single uniform national standard that applies.  Same goes for battery backup in your modem if you have your dial tone and 9-1-1 phone service from TWC. 


And, even if every power supply along the trunk route back to the node is equipped with backup and fresh batteries sized for 8 hours or longer, it only takes one blown fuse within a power supply or line amplifier housing to take the entire route down.  That's why you often see pilot indicators on the power supply boxes along the route.  It saves having a tech climb each pole along the route looking for that one blown fuse, much like strings of Christmas lights with one burned-out bulb.