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Re: New Spectrum GIG no where near 940 Mbps

To be honest with you spectrum website doesn’t officially have an approved modem or modem router combo for the 1gig /940 speed tier but they are only useing the technicolor docis 3.1 for the 1gig service is very new sence spectrum is only useing 3.1 for the 1gig tier but tbh with you we have the new 400 internet and wireless we get 450-486 and for Ethernet 500-520 mbps and there are about 6 modems few modem router combos the 400 internet uses the docis 3.0 and the sb6190 is a great modem for the 400 even in peak hours we still maintain the same speeds while we have about 14 devices most gameing and streaming it might be better for you to go with the 400mbps it really is a lot more stable sence the new 1 gig service will have kinks for awhile most likely

Re: New Spectrum GIG no where near 940 Mbps

50 megs is a lot more stable for gaming than 400 or 1000 is due to the nature of cable modem technology.

 if you're streaming video, count on an additional 10 megs PER DEVICE, 20 megs for actual 4k hd and WIRED, NOT WIRELESS




Re: New Spectrum GIG no where near 940 Mbps

In conclusion:


1.) Intially was getting worse speeds then Ultimate 300.


2.) I removed the -7dB splitter. And my speed shot up to on average 500Mbps on the downstream.


3.) My modems user/password IS NOT THE DEFAULT, and factory resetting doesn't change it to the default user/password.


Also spectrum on the phone couldn't tell me the user/password, they assumed it was the factory defaults as well.


Sucks because I can't get into its status page.


4.) I had a technition appointment, but canceled because MAGICALLY, the morning before he arrive, I started getting 850Mbps / 40Mbps.


I am happy with the speed. I am still very confused as to how it fixed itself.


Re: New Spectrum GIG no where near 940 Mbps

As i've mentioned in the past posts...


Read the table I posted...

4400 is

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Re: New Spectrum GIG no where near 940 Mbps



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Re: New Spectrum GIG no where near 940 Mbps


As he said in previous post the default password and username dont work. I have the same problem with mine. I can get to the login popup but cant log in. Unless we need to be connected directly to the modem and not through the router which I havent tried

850/40 is average for me. On a good night low 900s. I have had a couple nights New Years Eve was one where I was hitting close to 1150.

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Re: New Spectrum GIG no where near 940 Mbps

Good to hear that you are reliably getting speeds of 850 Mbps and above on your high speed connection.  That gives the rest of us some hope for the future.

MsRaye has also commented repeatedly in similar threads that the NYC franchise area does not use the manufacturer default passwords.  They have a very high theft of service rate, so they developed their own independent method of selecting and loading a custom user password at the time of installation. 

If you are able to view the modem login screen (NOT the router's display) you are connected to the proper LAN port and using the correct IP address.  You may need to call a local NYC Spectrum facility to have them make parameter changes on Spectrum-owned modem or gateway combo devices.  


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since data rate is better than 80%  they don't have to address it. Looks like 10% over provisioning in your area @1100...

 All that really means nothing as it's up to the originating server and paths to get it to you.

the transport/ backbone providers as well.

only accurate test is to TWC's speedtest tool.