Netgear C7000 Firmware update BYOModem...

After being given the runaround for some time now I may have finally gotten an answer?

Stuck on V1.01.15 and not yet received the latest FW version for my modem router combo.

Can anyone comfirm/fact check the transcript below? Is anyone running firmware version V1.01.23 on a Netgear AC1900 C7000???

Chat Transcript
Revanth S: Hello Ian.
Revanth S: I appreciate your time and patience for waiting on the line. I hope it didn't take too long.
Ian Allen: Hello
Ian Allen: Not at all
Revanth S: Let me go through your previous chat session.
Revanth S: I have gone through your previous chat session.
Revanth S: Okay.
Revanth S: Could you elaborate me the issue with Internet please?
Revanth S: Please use the LP reconnect link to connect back with me, incase the chat gets disconnected due to any errors.
Ian Allen: While troubleshooting slow speeds I have found that my firmware version is stuck on an older version. The device is a Netgear C7000 AC1900, firmware is V1.01.15. This firmware poses security issues. The current firmware approved by Spectrum is V1.01.23. This is a bring your own modem router combo. 
Revanth S: Alright.
Ian Allen: Netgear has informed me that they are unable to push this update to me directly because the firmware is first released to Spectrum Engineering Department then released to customers.
Ian Allen: In a Spectrum forum thread it was mentioned that the Advanced Networking Support Group would be the ones able to initiate the firmware upgrade. How can this be resolved? It is no longer a question of speed at this point, but security. 
Revanth S: Thank you for all the information provided.
Revanth S: Let me check this for you.
Ian Allen: Thank you
Revanth S: You are welcome.
Revanth S: I have checked regarding this for you.
Revanth S: I would like to inform you that the manual upgrade of the firmware version is not available, when it is available the upgrade will be automatically pushed from the server.
Revanth S: Not to rush you, are we connected?
Ian Allen: I have read that other customers do have the current version for the same device while others seem to be stuck on the older version. Is this due to different markets or something else?
Revanth S: I see that the upgrade will be automatically pushed from the server end itself, it may even depends on the market and area wise also.
Revanth S: Let me go ahead and assist you regarding the slow speeds.
Ian Allen: Some customers stuck on the older version have also claimed to have been waiting almost a year. Just wondering how soon this update will occur since it is a security sensitive matter
Revanth S: Yes, I completely understand the situation.
Revanth S: I will make sure that we will inform this details to the upper level regarding the upgrade.
Ian Allen: The issue of speed is resolved when switching to my previous router and modem set up which is an older Netgear device but for some reason it is on the latest firmware version for that particular device
Revanth S: I appreciate your efforts.
Revanth S: If the manual upgrade is available, I will be glad to assist you, but, the manual upgrade of the firmware version is not available and it will be only done from the end of the server.
Ian Allen: There is no manual upgrade option, I suppose it is a matter of waiting...
Revanth S: Yes, as you said you have to wait for the upgrade as that will be pushed from the end of the server.
Ian Allen: Thank you for your time.

Re: Netgear C7000 Firmware update BYOModem...

More likely that the CSR is telling you the truth, cable ISPs are not going to update the firmware unless it's necessary.  And it's not a manual process.


Re: Netgear C7000 Firmware update BYOModem...

Firmware is pushed to all modems, customer owned or leased, from the ISP and not the manufacturer.  Spectrum is well aware of the most recent firmware updates from all manufacturers and will put them through whatever testing they feel is necessary before pushing out to customers (if they feel like they need to do it at all). The CSRs and techs have no power to do anything about the firmware and likely have no information from the engineers. It is all done behind the scenes.