My microwave oven cuts off my wi-fi.

I have 15/1 service, but when I cook a meal in the microwave oven (that's 15-20 feet away from the router) my wifi goes down to 1/0.x. I can't even tweet when the microwave is on.


Re: My microwave oven cuts off my wi-fi.

YUP!  the microwave may have bad door seals however it doesn't take much to override the weak wireless signals. Switch to 5.8 gHz and turn off the 2.4 gHz which is what microwaves operate on.

 make sure door seals are clean and intact and that the door is fully closing againt the seals.

 Also, always turn off the microwave BEFORE OPENNING THE DOOR. Many emit a burst of 2.5 gHz microwaves if the door release is used when it's still on.