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My internet disconnects repeatedly and predictably while attempting a legal p2p download.

I am attempting to download an 8GB patch from Black Desert Online, which is an online game.  The game's patcher relies on a peer-to-peer connection to download required files.  Whenever I reach about 600 MB downloaded my modem loses its internet connection and my download progress is halted.  The modem's light indicating a cable connection turns off and any/all websites are inaccessible from my internet browsers. 


Once the modem automatically reconnects to the internet the game patcher does not resume or save the incomplete download, so that I'm forced to restart the download from scratch.  However, in the next attempt the same problem occurs at ~600 MB downloaded, making the patch impossible to complete.


I'm convinced that this is an intentional disconnection on TWC's end to discourage illegal torrenting, because I've attempted this 5 times now with the EXACT same result each time, always at about 600 MB.  The disconnection is much MUCH too predictable to be a hardware error.  This does not ever happen with typical direct downloads and I'm assuming it's happening now because I'm trying to download what is basically a torrent.  The problem here is that it is an entirely legal one and I am entitled to finish it, yet I cannot.  Is there any way to fix this?  I don't know if phone/chat support would be bothered to help because they'd likely be in cahoots.


System specs -

Modem - labeled as Cisco 2100 Cable Modem

Router- Linksys E1200

OS- Windows 10 64bit

Network Adapter - Killer e2200 Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS6.30)


I've included an image of the patcher with the 8 GB download black desert online patcher


Re: My internet disconnects repeatedly and predictably while attempting a legal p2p download.

contact the game developers

this may be a win 10 DRM issue