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Modem firmware update

I understand that you are able to push a firmware upgrade to my modem which is supposed to resolve intermittent issues with iPhone connection. If so, kindly advise.

Modem info:

My SBG6782-AC's serial number is 396785529141936201011005.
The HFC MAC Address is 20:3d:66:0f:a5:57.
The firmware Version is SBG6X82-
The SBG6782-AC has been running for 5 days 11h:49m:15s
The cable modem is Operational

Proven Sharer

Re: Modem firmware update

Your SBG6782-AC modem does not appear on Spectrum's on-line Approved Customer Device List for customer purchase and interconnection, nor is it included on the list of minimally approved devices.  You can click that link to view the list for yourself.


The User forums are peer-to-peer support by customers like yourself who have no connection whatsoever with Spectrum.  We don't push firmware upgrades to anyone's equipment, but we can help you to identify, locate, and then resolve problems with your internet connection.


From our previous experience, it is rather doubtful that Spectrum will expend the technical resources required to evaluate and then update the firmware code in a device that is not approved for use on their network. 


Re: Modem firmware update

Even if it were an approved device, no level of customer service or tech support could manually push a firmware update to your device. That is all done by engineering and is 99.9% automated. 


Re: Modem firmware update

Turn off IPv6 for a start.

Reset DHCP start to 192.168.0(or 1).100

that fixes most apple issues.

You shouldn't ever buy an all in one combo, you will have issues, there should be none on the approved coam list