Re: Modem/Voice Combo Upgrade Recommendations

JR37: you will have to ask them to place your modem/router combo gateway unit into bridge mode to use your own router's wifi.

Re: Modem/Voice Combo Upgrade Recommendations

Weird, not sure where my reply went from last night but it's already on bridge mode however the person was able to remove the WIFI and waive the monthly fee.

I was able to go in today to swap the modem out and although unfortunately they didn't have the DOS 3.1 devices in, she gave me the one that all the techs request. The device is the Technicolor TC8717t. After setting it up which was a breeze for once everything works great and I'm getting the speed I paid for (and more).

Last night I was researching the forums here further and found out several other people had the same issue when transferring from TWC to a Spectrum plan. It was said that Spectrum provisions certain modems for a max speed even though they can handle more, regardless of what speed you previously had with the modem with the TWC legacy plan. No matter what i did it seemed like my modem was capped at 100MB and it seems like I had one of those modems. Interestingly enough, the woman at the Spectrum counter had a similar issue when her Spectrum plan started.

Anywho, thanks to all who replied and offered suggestions. Hopefully this post will help someone else too if they find themselves in a similar situation.