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Modem Issue or Cable Issue?

Hello, Just looking for some feedback as I been getting choppy internet lately. Decided to look at the logs and never seen this before. Would this be a modem issue or an issue where I need a tech? My gut feeling is leaning toward a tech needing to come out.


Startup Procedure

Acquire Downstream Channel Locked
Connectivity StateOKOperational
Boot StateOKOperational
Configuration FileOK 
DOCSIS Network Access EnabledAllowed 


Downstream Bonded Channels
ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFrequencyPowerSNRCorrectedUncorrectables
1LockedQAM25610543000000 Hz-14.7 dBmV36.2 dB00
2LockedQAM2569537000000 Hz-14.7 dBmV36.3 dB00
3LockedQAM25611549000000 Hz-14.7 dBmV36.3 dB00
4LockedQAM25612555000000 Hz-15.0 dBmV35.8 dB00
5LockedQAM25613561000000 Hz-15.7 dBmV35.3 dB20
6LockedQAM25614567000000 Hz-15.3 dBmV35.7 dB10
7LockedQAM25615573000000 Hz-15.3 dBmV35.6 dB20
8LockedQAM25616579000000 Hz-15.8 dBmV35.1 dB20
9LockedQAM25617585000000 Hz-16.2 dBmV34.8 dB50
10LockedQAM25618591000000 Hz-16.6 dBmV34.3 dB40
11LockedQAM25619597000000 Hz-17.2 dBmV33.9 dB160
12LockedQAM25620603000000 Hz-16.9 dBmV34.2 dB80
13LockedQAM25621609000000 Hz-16.8 dBmV34.2 dB50
14LockedQAM25623621000000 Hz-16.9 dBmV34.1 dB60
15LockedQAM25624627000000 Hz-17.2 dBmV33.9 dB60
16Lockedunknown32675000000 Hz-25.0 dBmV0.0 dB128733403981


Upstream Bonded Channels
ChannelLock StatusUS Channel TypeChannel IDSymbol RateFrequencyPower
1LockedTDMA12560 Ksym/sec19200000 Hz50.5 dBmV
2LockedATDMA25120 Ksym/sec24000000 Hz51.0 dBmV
3LockedATDMA35120 Ksym/sec30400000 Hz51.0 dBmV
4LockedATDMA45120 Ksym/sec36800000 Hz51.0 dBmV
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Re: Modem Issue or Cable Issue?

Definitely a cable issue.  Those numbers are terrible. Surprised you aren’t having more trouble.  Downstream should be better than -10dBmV and upstream are bad too.  If the cabling and splitters in your house are good get a tech out.  What download speed are you signed up for, and what are you getting?  You can use any internet speed test to find out. 


Re: Modem Issue or Cable Issue?

Yeah you definitely have problems here and I too am surprised you haven't had more connection issues. Somewhere along the cable path there is some combination of the following: loose connectors, squirrel or lawnmower chewed coax,  water-logged yard pedestal, failing amps, etc.


Also need to know where in relation to the drop for your house is the modem from the main drop line how many splitters are there prior to the modem?

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Re: Modem Issue or Cable Issue?

Approximatly 5 years ago TWC ran a new cable line in the house for the modem, placed only 1 splitter and I believe some type of amplifier that plugs into the wall as at the time needed a larger spliter; 8 Connections. All connections were great and normal ranges.


What is odd as I was up early in the morning and checked the numbers and they were back to normal but as the day is going on, numbers spiked (horrible readings) and my internet is choppy again. At 6am I was pulling my 200/10 connection. Now I am back to the 2/10 connection. 


Looks like I will need a tech to look into the issue.


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Re: Modem Issue or Cable Issue?



Are all 8 of those outlets being used currently? If not have those outlets been terminated? Are there any open and active outlets in the home? Are all of the connections in the splitter being used? I would agree with the others assessment, there is a problem that needs to be looked into further.  If you prefer not to phone in you can reach our Social Media Customer Service team at


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum




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Re: Modem Issue or Cable Issue?

The amplifier that you mentioned utilizes a small AC power supply which plugs into a wall outlet.  It would be plugged into an outlet which is live 7x24.  It might be connected to one of the cable outlets in a different room or directly to the amplifier housing.

In the past those"wall wart" power supplies have been known to burn out and fail after several years, therefore during the service call it should be checked or automatically replaced,