Re: Latency Issues

This may sound a bit strange, considering where you are... not sure if you can do it with the particular game in question either. But can you test to the Texas area?

Seem to recall some talk of a more direct peering arrangement to Blizzard's ISP down there back around the launch of Overwatch. Was a big boon for people in the south east at the time. Might be interesting to see if there was a dramatic difference if there is in fact a cleaner path through that region. Sometimes you can find more stable pathing with manual selection when the game allows for it.

Re: Latency Issues

Looks like the only U.S. servers for Overwatch are in Los Angeles and Chicago. Looked more into that and I believe those are the only U.S. locations for all of their games. Unfortunately Overwatch doesn't give the ability to choose which server to connect to unlike some of their other games where you can choose which server you'd like to play on. 


Now this morning I actually got a call from Spectrums automated line stating that a service interruption that was recently resolved. I of course decided to once again go test in-game to see if by some miracle they did something that helped my case. Turns out they did, but I still get pretty bad spikes of LAT/IND, going over 120+ms still. Things are definitely running a lot smoother now but the problem is still there. I then went to run the trace again, which is still spiking at the CA Spectrum host.  


Talked to *another* Spectrum agent. I told them what was going on and how the trace looked and where I should be getting connected, they agreed there seems to be an issue and that the tech should be able to figure this out. Hopefully the tech can figure this out, I actually have no clue how long it's been since my line has been serviced as it's been here for years. 


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Re: Latency Issues

The USA locations of the Overwatch servers should not concern you, since as I recall Spectrum has regional 'handoff' gateways to their IXPs located near both LA and Chicago.  Not being able to select which location you play on doesn't matter much either, since Spectrum does NOT give users a choice on routing their data to a specific IXP. If Overwatch did pffer site selection, you would have to use specific IP addresses for their east or west server farm.

If you continue to detect latency delays anywhere from the IXP gateway to Overwatch (you can see them using Traceroute), you should complain to the folks at Overwatch or at the IXP itself. They are both located outside Spectrum's transport network, and Spectrum is only responsible for performance of their own equipment.