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Just moved, random signal flux, had 3 techs!

I'm just curious who i'd need to escilate this too.


I just moved into an apartment, it originally had RG59 wiring and said "property of Warner Corp" on the tags downstairs with the "blue W" logo from the 80s... so when signal issues arose and they said "oh we just need to run a new line" - he ran a new line on the external of the building today


Low and behold, around 11:30pm (it's usual time), my signals went from +5.9 on my modem to  the negative numbers, the TV started pixelating, and the phone went out. racked up several thousand errors over about a 45min span, and now it's all "back to normal"


At this point, is has to be something further up the line, and looking at the main overhead line on this street it's long overdue for replacement (super old "silver" wire, you can tell it's from the 70s)


Charter/Spectrum/TWC - whatver it is this week, have been useless (same thing happened with Charter on the west coast, so i'm not surprised to see this out of TWC after the buyout)



I've saved screenshots, and have a 4th tech coming wednesday (the guy on the phone was actually able to see my signal fluxuations on his end today)


If this tech cannot do anything about it, I just need to know who i need to get this too in the Columbus, OH market who can actually do something with it.



e: Just moved, random signal flux, had 3 techs!

That's pretty bad.

Call them back out, print the high and low signal pages for the tech. It looks like a problem on the other ports of a splitter or out on the street somewhere.


Does your line run all the way out to the street or does it go to a junction box on the building? If so, how many units in the building?

What does the error /log page show?


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Re: e: Just moved, random signal flux, had 3 techs!

I'm using an ubee DVW32CB, I cannot access any log so i'm not sure.


My run is on the outside of the MDU to a box with 4, 8-port taps inside, with overhead hard line leaving there, plugged directly into an amp on the overhead line/telephone pole, then two poles over is the DOCSIS Node for my neighborhood (amp/fiber)


So luckily everything is within 500' so once they start looking at that, they can figure out whats going on.

I have screenshots of the modem, and the diag screen on the boxes when it acts up.


My main concern as it seems TWC/Spectrum is "overclocking" the network. The network here was designed for 750Mhz and has never been upgraded, but they seem to be pushing things as high as 771MHz... When the area here is full of MDU of RG59 cable. That' s just asking for trouble!


Re: e: Just moved, random signal flux, had 3 techs!

741 vs 771 is not the issue,  there's something causing level shifts and ingress, Do you have a photo of the exterior box's interior &  tapoff?

 Are there additional splitters out there?

Does your line go straight to the 8 way?


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Re: e: Just moved, random signal flux, had 3 techs!

No pics as the box outside is locked, but no splitters between my apartment and the tap.


I still have WHDVR service, so it comes into apartment --> 2-way splitter (one leg has MoCA filter), and the modem is directly on the non-filtered side of the modem.


I've even had the modem plugged directly into the wall when this happens, and when it happens the TV also goes out.


The whole 771MHz thing is concerning to me, as any of the channels above 750MHz are the first to go when that amp acts up.


So my setup right now is


Tap -> Apartment -> 2-Way Splitter -> Modem (not moca filtered)/3-way splitter with MoCA Filter on it's incoming line -> 3 TV's


When it's working fine, the signal levels on the TV's are usually -3 to -6 on all the channels and 0 - +7 on the modems... and randomly we will have a signal swing in the evening causing it to all go to hell and stop working.


We literally have re-wired the whole inside of the apartment, as well as the feed into the apartment has been re-done. I have used this modem and these boxes with no issue at my old place for some time now, so it's safe to assume the equipment is good.


Re: e: Just moved, random signal flux, had 3 techs!

if the levels on the modem and cable tv devices all change, It's outside somewhere.

 Can you take a photo of the tap off on the pole that feeds this?

how do you know that there's an 8 way tapoff in the outside box and not a bunch of 2 ways?



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Re: e: Just moved, random signal flux, had 3 techs!

I know there's no 2-way's in the box becuase i've been in it. There was a period where it was unlocked.


It's a 1" feeder line coming in, connected to a series of 4, 8-port taps. There are 30 units in this building, so that's 32 taps. 31 are in use, as we also have TWC WiFi in the laundry room/parking garage.


When i moved in here I was told to go with at&t U-Verse as Spectrum/TWC customers have "problems" here.. so I know it's not just me.


I tried at&t's 100/20 service, and while the extra upload was nice i could never actually achieve 100Mbps on the download. Spectrum at least gives me 118/12 pretty consistently (when my signal levels are correct)


Re: e: Just moved, random signal flux, had 3 techs!


Make sure the tech is aware of themassive change/ signal level issues, they'll need to escallate it to the bucket truck guys and they're a different subcontractor. 

 maybe it's a port issue on one or someone else on that 8 port with issues, I'll bet all 30 units don't pay for cable and should be disconnected and have open ends, lol.

Tech needs to audit all paid customers and disconnect and terminate open ports...

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Re: e: Just moved, random signal flux, had 3 techs!

Update: 4th tech came wednesday, pulled stats for whole MDU who was having issues at same time..


Dispatched MX in a bucket truck, they replaced modules in the amp, and it's been solid ever since. Thanks for the help!



Re: e: Just moved, random signal flux, had 3 techs!

Give it a couple more days, if clean, mark as problem solved...

It's a total shame that customers have to know too much to get these infrastructure issues repaired rather than "the weather" or COAM eqt being blamed.