Internet speeds go down then up, games unplayable

Looking for help. 


I have 4 different wireless Adapters, 2 Computers

A NETGEAR C6220 Modem/Router, the Sagemcom Modem/Router Combo

and 2 Cable connections in the house. 

i also tried plugging into directly in the modem/router via ethernet.


I get all the same results, the speeds on Speedtest and the spectrum speed test go up to 30-32 mbps/ then down to 28, and up and down again.   It isn't noticeable in normal internet browsing, but I play games and the ping goes from normal according to the server like 39 or typically 45 steady all the way to 150 then 250.  then back down.  


what should I do?  The bad speeds first started around a month ago, we returned the Modem/Router combo, what is it called the technicolor? because the pings were going high.  so they gave us the Ubee and Askey Modem/Router.  Same Results, so I returned it and got the same modem/router combo.  they look exactly alike but it's called a SageMCom.  tried, same results.  so i went and bought the C6220, and again the same results.  I tried 2 different cable lines in my house,  removed splitters, every combo you can think of between 4 wireless adapters, 2 computers, 3 modem/routers and 2 seperate cable line connections.


Games are unplayable, what should I do?  Can someone here help?  Is there some results or something I can post?  thank you


Re: Internet speeds go down then up, games unplayable

1. What internet package are you subscribed to? What speeds are you paying for?

2. You definitely have some funky signals likely caused by damaged coax, loose connectors, failing amps, or old filters somewhere, maybe not on your end but out in the pedestal or beyond.


New modems and routers thrown at this will not fix it.  Have you had a tech out yet to check out all the lines and connections?

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Re: Internet speeds go down then up, games unplayable

Also I think you already know that having multiple routers with WiFi on the same cable connection creates added headaches that make it much harder for Spectrum to resolve your service issues.  Limit your home to a single connection with one WiFi router, then get that equipment running correctly.  As @reds91185  said, purchasing more hardware and making numerous configuration changes won't fix poor signals caused by a bad line.  Call for a Spectrum home service tech to come out, analyze everything first, and repair whatever is not at 100%.