Internet keeps dropping

I am in Grand Rapids Ohio and for the past week have had internet service issues. I have no internet for the past 10 hours right now. The means no phone or TV also got me. They give me automated call backs saying the service is fixed, but still no internet. I have done all the usual troubleshooting. Is there any timeframe on resolving this?
Proven Sharer

Re: Internet keeps dropping

If Spectrum successfully called you back, it sounds like your telephone service is now working again.  Internet service and TV service each gets routed to a different place, so it's possible that each of the three can independently be working (or not).  

You will need to call Spectrum again to report the outage..  Sometimes the customer has to be the detective!  Be very specific about which services are working and which are not, and emphasize to them that you have no 9-1-1 phone access.  If you've had high winds recently that blew down trees or power lines nearby, make sure Spectrum knows where, so they can double-check their overhead cables in that area.