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Internet goes in and out

Hello. I recently moved to a different town and transferred my service with me. At my old address the internet worked perfectly fine but ever since I’ve moved it’s been really slow and the connection goes in and out all the time. I’ve called and they’ve reset some stuff on their end but nothing seems to fix this issue. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t even know where to start.

Re: Internet goes in and out

Tell us what equipment you have, how it's connected, the plan to which you are subscribed, and be more specific about the problem.


If you have access to the modem's signal levels page and event log please post them as well. Access will depend on the modem you have.

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Re: Internet goes in and out

I have a Sagemcom Fast 5260 router and an Arris TM1602A modem which is connect to a coax cable I think.

The main issue is the internet will work fine then randomly stop working like it won’t load any webpages at all. I have an xbox that has a wired connection to the router and after turning it off for the day I’ll go to use it the next day and it won’t connect to the internet so I run the Xbox diagnostic option and it says it’s some sort of DHCP error. Rebooting the modem and router always fixes this issue though but it happens again the next day.

I’m pretty sure the plan I’m subscribed to is the Ultimate/Ultra internet package it’s supposed to be speeds up to 400 I think. When I do the spectrum speed test I only get half of that though and that’s when the internet is actually working.

I’ll try and post the modem levels and stuff in a few.
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Re: Internet goes in and out



Re: Internet goes in and out

hmmm.... downstream SnR values just under 38....


Technically, it should not be a problem.... just a bit lower than I am used to seeing myself.


Also some repeating partial service entries in the log.


Gets me thinking some noise may be creeping in somewhere, just enough to knock things off kilter here and there.


Have you checked for the usual loose/corroded connctions, compromised cables, overheating devices (don't overlook the power supply... it can inject a hum if it is failing)?