Internet Usage Tracker tool is gone!

There used to be an Internet Usage Tracker tool when you login to your account on the TWC/Spectrum site that shows you your usage by hour, day, month, etc.

It is gone since 7/11/2018.

Why did they remove it? I want to see if turning off certain devices in my home for a day will have any impact on total usage. I realize it is unlimited usage but I don't want to tie up my wifi router at home with some devices using too much bandwidth.

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Re: Internet Usage Tracker tool is gone!

Spectrum discussed abandoning the removal tool about a month ago here in the forums.  Most modern routers already track data usage and Spectrum has no data limits, so there was no reason for them to keep maintaining the tool. 



Re: Internet Usage Tracker tool is gone!

The only reason TWC added the tracker in the first place was because they were flirting with the idea of data caps and testing it in a few markets. Spectrum has no intention of implementing data caps (at least in the next 5 years).