Internet Connection Specs?

Recently made some changes to my service, said I wanted to keep the same Internet and phone service. I had 200 down, 20 up, but now I see I was downgraded to only 10 up, retaining the 200 down. Any ideas why? I tired looking through the website, but it was long on marketing speak but devoid of actual details of the services.

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Re: Internet Connection Specs?

It could be that the local Spectrum franchise only offers 200/10, regardless of what your previous internet provider used to sell.  If you provide your ZIP Code we can dig for more details, or you can look it up on line yourself. 

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Re: Internet Connection Specs?

Sounds like your recent changes were going from TWC services to Spectrum services. TWC had Ultimate 200 that was 200x20, and Spectrum Internet is 200x10. If you are needing the upload speed back, the option for you is to move to Ultra. Most likely your area is 400x20. But there is a cost of 20-25 dollars and you will need a 24 channel modem for that.
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Re: Internet Connection Specs?

There is a lower cost alternative since Spectrum wil include the proper gateway in their monthly service charge.  They DO still charge $5 to $8 per month extra for using the WiFi in their gateway if you do not have your own personal router unit.  If you DO already have your own router with WiFi, you can be ready to go on line in just a few steps. 

First write down all of the router settings you changed for your previous home network setup. 

Next, power up the modem first and let it lock in on the cable connection with no blinking LEDs. 

Third, reset your router to factory settings BEFORE you connect the ethernet cable between the router and the Spectrum gateway 'Internet' or 'LAN' connection.  That usually involves holding in the little black or red button on the back panel for 5 to 10 seconds after you plug in the router. 

Last, power up your personal  router/WiFi unit and restore any custom settings you had recorded before.  


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For the vast majorty of people a 16-channel modem will be more than sufficient.


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did you add the spectrum phone ? cuz for some wierd dumb reason when you add phone they cut yr upload in half trust me i know i use to have the phone but when i saw that i canceled it asap
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@DR_Stranger_Who  When adding the phone we do not cut your Internet speed

in any way. Your Internet speed would remain at the level to which you subscribe.


If a decrease in speed is seen there is an issue outside of the subscription and would need 

to be investigated.


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