Intermittent packet loss

About 3 days ago I started to get some pretty nasty packet loss and noticed that the only "solution" was to reset my modem. The issue would go away for about 1-2 hours and return until I restarted my modem again. I ran speedtests and found out that my download and upload speeds were completley off (normally 100/10):

 unknown (1).png

Pinging google also resulted in tons of packet loss (left it open overnight and had about 40% dropped packets):

unknown (2).png


The issue briefly went away but has returned. This is a log of my modem after restarting it 10 minutes ago. I will update this post with the log if I begin dropping packets again. 


Spectrum claims they do see the issue on their end as well and will be sending a technician, but I'd also like to get a second opinion before that happens. 


Re: Intermittent packet loss

So it started happening again earlier today. log 2.png


Is there anything from this log that stands out?

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Re: Intermittent packet loss

Nothing in the log file indicates inbound packets being detected and dropped at the modem.  However, if you are sending continuous UDP pings to Google, their servers will ignore you while Google has a fairly high volume of actual traffic coming in from other users around the world. 

If the traffic volume gets near 75% of Google's site link capacity they may not only ignore you but drop your connection.  Therefore we can't trust your statistics about packet drops involving Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or other high volume sites. 


Re: Intermittent packet loss

Is there anything I can do to show that I am experiencing actual packet loss/reduced speeds? It's happening again. 


Re: Intermittent packet loss

Upstream power levels are a good bit lower than I typically see... 5-8db off (at least in our market, 43-46 is the more common range).

Gains may need to be adjusted somewhere upstream from the modem. Overboosting signal can cause issues.