Intermittent connectivity loss

Hi all,


I've been experiencing intermittent connectivity losses. I've never noticed any change in the indicator lights on my Technicolor TC8717 modem/router when this occurs.


@MsRaye, any ideas? Need a tech out?


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24.2 MHz   
5120 Ksym/sec   
56.0 dBmV   


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-9.2 dBmV-10.9 dBmV-8.4 dBmV-10.1 dBmV-9.5 dBmV-9.3 dBmV-8.7 dBmV-9.0 dBmV-9.0 dBmV-11.2 dBmV-10.1 dBmV-8.3 dBmV-10.0 dBmV-10.4 dBmV-11.1 dBmV-10.5 dBmV
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Re: Intermittent connectivity loss

You have two separate severe signal isues which are probably related.  First, the incoming receive signal levels on all but two of the 16 DS channels is below the accepted minimum value of -8.5 dBmV.   Second, your modem is actively sending on only one of the four required uplink (US) channels.  This could be caused in part by the low receive signal levels.  Just a hunch, it looks to me like either a line amplifier facing outbound from the node has failed or an in-line cable equipment housing has filled with water. 


If you have recently made any changes in your indoor coaxial cabling, start looking for a loose connector, and be sure to check the back side of the outlet wall plate.  If your home requires an amplified splitter, be sure the power supply is plugged into an outlet and working (Power LED).  Otherwise, call Spectrum and schedule a home service tech visit.   Be sure to print out a copy of the modem reports so the tech can see what you posted here.   And please report back with the results of your tech visit - we like to keep score! 


Re: Intermittent connectivity loss


I'll call them today, and report back when I know more. Thanks!

Re: Intermittent connectivity loss

Tech was out today. He has some other techs returning later to work on the outside neighborhood "box" (those gray skinny posts that are in the ground that serve several households). He did say that would help my US issues and TV freezing issues.


Unfortunately, he also swapped out my TWC Arris TC8717 eMTA modem/router combo for the Spectrum Ubee E31U2V1 eMTA and Sagemcom WiFi router - making it a pain to view US/DS power levels on the Ubee.


I'll update if the connectivity issues and TV freezing issues clear up.