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Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

Your modem is not receiving signals on all 24 channels at the correct levels.  This is visibly apparent in the signal logs you just posted.  The differential between weakest and strongest channel is supposed to be 3 dB or less.  This condition appears to be a result of the ranging failure you identified with the red box in the status report log. 

In short, the local cable system is not allowing your modem to adjust its internal amplifiers to compensate for maintenance errors on the cable trunk backbone.  You  need to get Spectrum out there so the home service tech can verify what the modem has reported, then get the line maintenance crew out to adjust levels of individual channel signals. 


Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

Thanks again @karlbeckman for your knowledgeable input. I see what you are saying and that makes sense. Unfortunately, I did not see your post until now because i have been busy the past couple of days. Spectrum has been out multiple times on Sunday and Monday which im about to summarize in another post.


However it seems Spectrum might have already addressed the issue you mentioned  during one of the visits Sunday or Monday as all of the channels are now all less than 2 db apart. 


If we continue to have issues I will definitely check to see if the channels are greater than 3 db apart, and inform Spectrum.  Thanks again.


Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period



Sorry for the following long post but I am trying to document everything.  


Sunday the 17th Spectrum sent out another QC control tech. He was here about 11-12:30 and during that time he did not find anything. He said he was going to reschedule and come back between 6pm and 7pm. 


However, as he was getting ready to leave i refreshed the modem diagnostic page and uncorrectables were going up again. First seven thousand - refreshed and ten thousand - so i went out to the truck and told him what was going on to see if he wanted to come back inside and check again. He said that he would check again and sure enough there were  issues as before. Bad BER, MER, and DQI. 


He went to the ground block to check there but by then the problem was gone again. To make sure the problem was not in the house, he came back inside to check the modem again, and it was now gone at the modem as well. 


So QC came back out at 6pm and went straight to the pole and he caught the problem out there and photographed it with his phone and sent it to his supervisors. Same stuff, BER, MER, and DQI. The DQI was fluctuating all the way to  a zero out of ten at the pole tap. 


Line maintenance sent a guy out, and he got here quickly, within fifteen or twenty minutes , but  of course the problem was gone. Just our luck. 


By this point it was past 7pm on a Sunday, so we were given another supervisors name to call the next time we saw the issue and he would try to get a line maintenance guy out asap. 


Unexpectedly Monday morning, a line maintenance person was already out here, and had found nothing at the pole.  He asked me what he issue was and i tried to explain everything best i could. 


This line maintenance person was the first one to stick around after not finding anything at the pole. He later came back and said he was seeing some upstream issues. He didn't really elaborate on this but he did say it was probably not responsible for the DQI issues unless it was feeding back.


I believe this line maintenance person spent a couple of hours going to every house on our street and checking all the taps. I believe that's what he said he was doing along with some other things. 


Between 11am and noon he had to leave to go to another job. However, around 4pm he came back and said he had seen an issue in our area and immediately drove back over to our neighborhood. 


Line maintenance said that there was an issue coming from a house about four houses down to our east and that he had therefore disconnected it from the line. He said when the house was disconnected the issue he was seeing immediately went away. He did not elaborate on the exact nature of the issue at the house. I have read that they do this when the house is putting noise on the line, but he did not specify if it was noise or not. 


As of writing this, its only been less than twelve hours, but we have not had any issues. The uncorrectables are still on zero. I think twelve hours is too short of a time period  to say the problem is fixed, but we are definitely hoping it is.  


I do have two concerns weighing on my mind. One is that the house down the street will be reconnected without all the issues there being sorted and this will cause the problem to return. 


The other is that i asked the other techs if noise on the line would cause bad BER, MER, and DQI and if i am not mistaken they said  no. I am assuming the house down the street was putting noise on the line, and that is why it was disconnected. So if noise does not cause bad DQI, there may still be an unresolved issue somewhere responsible for the bad DQI.  


So I am going to monitor everything for a week or so before I feel safe saying things are fixed. 


I want to say the QC tech out Sunday went out of his way to help us. He came back for a second time when he did not have to and he did a lot of other things to help us. He was very professional and worked very hard to help fix this. 


Also, after a rough start, the line maintenance person out Monday did a lot work testing all the taps on our street as well as tracking down the problem he saw and then fixing it.  


Also, I briefly spoke to a supervisor on Monday  and i believe he was quietly working behind the scenes on Monday to get things done. 


I want to thank these people again for the work they did trying to get this intermittent issue fixed. 


That's it.  Hopefully in about a week or so i can come back and post that we are still having no issues and that this has been fixed. 


Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

Well, we enjoyed five days of service with no problems. We literally had perfect service for five days, no event log errors and uncorrectables were on zero the entire time. Then this morning Sat the 22nd:


12_22_2018_FEC_MORNING.png20k uncorrectables across all channels. Looks like they occurred around 7am. My guess is they reconnected the house down the street and did not fix whatever the issue was there. I was afraid this was going to happen. 

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Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

It's possible that a "fix" that they put in place could generate a rash of correctable and/or uncorrectable errors.  Keep an eye on it and see if the numbers grow at a significant and repeatable rate.  If you keep getting errors, open a new trouble ticket.


Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

... and we're back to crap. 


After 6 tech visits, 2 QC visits, and 4 line maintenance visits a line maintenance guy finally does some work and lo and behold a house down the street is causing an issue on the line and they disconnect the house. Then they come back five days later and reconnect the house without fixing the issue. 




Not giving us much choice here but to cancel service. 





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Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

Yes, if you have another high-speed Internet service provider available to you, give them a try.  It's hard to imagine that someone else could be worse than Charter/Spectrum (other than Comcast, the "Comcastic" crew is in a league of their own for technical incompetence, lousy customer service and borderline harassment).  So far, I have no viable alternative, so I'm still a Spectrum customer who keeps praying that Plexicomm will lay a fiber line down my street (they have in some neighborhoods, but not mine -- yet).

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Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

Good morning. 


Looking at the account I do see multiple visits and still an issue noted in the logs.


I have submitted a research ticket for this and also contacted dispatch about 

getting a crew back out for further investigation. 



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Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period



Thanks for looking into this. Yes, we are still having issues, but we cannot get anyone out here to fix the issue. 


Last Monday we had a QC tech out with two supervisors. The supervisor said to call him next time we had the issue and he would send a tech out immediately. 



Last visit they exchanged the modem again, but it did not help. Here are the current logs: 

 12_31_2018_EL.png12_31_2018_FEC.pngIn addition to the intermittent internet problems we continue to have tv tiling or pixelization on both cable boxes as well.  Noticed on channels 625 and 110 as of late. 


Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

Still trying to get this fixed.  Been playing a lot of phone tag. Most of the time problems are now Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with Monday through Thursday being fine. Also have noticed high frequency channels are getting hit marginally harder than the low frequency channels. 


Since the last line maintenance person out three weeks ago, Mondays have not been a problem but today was an exception. We had a lot of issues between noon and 2:30 pm. We lost eight downstream channels at one point which i am posting a screenshot of.