Intermittent Issues in Irving, Texas

1. Location:  Irving, Texas 75062


2. Services: Internet and Cable TV


3. Modem:  Arris TG1672G. Should note this problem has persisted across 3 or 4 modems both personally owned and rented from cable company. 


4. Router:  None


5. Modem Firmware: TS0901103J6TW2_072417_16XX.GW_PC20_TW

    Modem Firmware Build TIme: Mon Jul 24 11:08:24 EDT 2017


6. Modem Online:  Confirmed


7. Speed Test:  237 up / 11.8 Down


8. Symptoms: Intermittent Correctables/Uncorrectables. T3 Timeouts. RCS Partial Service. Mdd timeouts.  Buffering Video. Web pages slow loading or not loading at all. Packet Loss. Disconnection from Games. Pixelated TV. 


Typical Patterns: Issues Start mid morning and continue to rise throughout the day peaking in the evening.  Issues are worse in fall/winter.  Circa Oct/Nov through March/April. 


9. Modem diagnostics appear below and throughout this thread. 


10.  Wiring:  RG6 Drop to 3 way splitter attached to side of house. Split to internet and 2 tv boxes. Not sure if lines on inside are rg6 or rg59. 


11. Direct Ethernet connection from modem to computer. No Router. 


12. No recent changes, and this problem has been ongoing for several years. 


13. Current pathping shows no issues. I will try to capture a pathping when we are having issues. 


14.  Yes, Buffering of videos and lag and/or lost connectivity to games. Disconnections from games. 


15.  No, there are no background apps that upload or download. 


Recent service history for this issue:


2017 - 3 technicians out.

- First 2 did not find anything, but replaced connections and modem.

- Third technican found noise at the modem and then at the tap. 

- Third technician replaced drop with rg6. 

- Third technician said maintenance crew would have to come out and fix something at the  pole or head end. 

- Issue was not resolved and we gave up. 


We have been having intermittent issues with our internet for years now. We have had numerous visits by tier 1 tech support. They identify a problem and say teir 2 support will need to come out and fix it, but they never do.  Nor can tier 2 support be bothered with communicating with us.  Then we contact support again and they send out another tier 1 guy. This cycle continues endlessly, and we eventually give up pursuing the situation . 




Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

How much time goes by before you try contacting support again? I ask because if you let more than a week or two go by without reporting the issue as "unresolved" then the cycle starts over. Also, "tier 2" support is probably the line and street crews that really don't have direct contact with customers. They are dealing with the infrastructure of the neighborhood as a whole.


My advice...as frustrating as it may seem...start the cycle again with an in-home tech. Let them do their thing and if not fixed call immediately for a follow up, and again if need be. This will get management's attention.


Edit: One thing you can do if not already done is inspect what you have access to all the way from the modem to the demarc on your house and even to the street or alley if possible for any signs of damaged coax, corrosion of connectors caused by water, or loose connections (even behind the wall plates). Also check for any unterminated outlets or coax that goes "nowhere" that may be the source of noise.


Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

Last time we had a guy out was last year. We had three tier 1 guys out within a couple of weeks. Each time we call Spectrum support to report the problem persists their solution is to schedule a technician to come out. Each time a different guy. The third guy out mentioned that they get some form of discipline or mark on their record for failing to fix the problem and insinuated that the previous tech 1 guys were upset with us for reporting the problem persisting . 


The first two guys replaced all the connections, the splitter, and exchanged the modem. The third guy out found a lot of noise on the line and put in a new drop and re ran the house line with rg6.  He said tier 2 would have to come out and fix something at the pole or node. He gave a number to call him if the problem persists. We left a message at that number and never heard back. At that point we were exasperated and gave up. 


Mind you this intermittent issue has gone on for over 5 years probably closer to 10. And we go through the same routine with the cable company every year or two trying to get it fixed. 


I know an intermittent problem is hard to fix but the problem is severe as can be seen by the modem stats.  


As you can see from above everything within the house has been replaced within the last year and the lines replaced with heavier rg6 and  a new drop. We dont believe, with albeit limited knowledge, that the problem is at the residence but rather noise on the node. From what i've read my suspicion is another residence is introducing noise on the line and spectrum is unwilling to remove them from the node. Also find it hard to believe with all the line monitoring they do and the tools at their disposal that they do not know this problem is going on.  But that's all speculation and doesn't matter we just want somone at Spectrum to care enough to roll up their sleeves and get this fixed. 


Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

Intermittent problems are the very hardest type to find and correctly diagnose. One of your neighbors causing the noise is very possible.


Yes, repeat calls do go against the techs and they hate it, but that is the system they have set up...not your problem. The tech gave you his direct number for repeat calls so it would not go through official channels and count against him. On top of all that, some of the techs may even be contractors and not actual employees so they have less motivation to make sure it's right.

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Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

At the end of the day, if the Tier 1 techie documents noise coming from the street (by testing the drop at your ground block), it should be escalated to Tier 2 for them to investigate the infrastructure in the street, as the noise is obviously NOT coming from your home.

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Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

I absolutely recommend a tech visit.  


If you would like to contact our Social Media Customer Care team to get that set up

you can reach them 24 hours a day at: 


Twitter: @Ask_Spectrum

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Spectrum




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Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

Looking at the modem log. I suspect that someone in your area has a loose or missing ground wire connection on the cable ground protection block.  Those are uncommon, but notorious for causing wide spectrum noise and being impossible to remotely troubleshoot.  It takes a visual inspection of every cable drop installation to  find and repair. 

Check your own house first, because it is SO embarrassing when the cause is right there in your own yard, even though it would still be the Tier 1 tech's fault for not checking it every time they came out in the past. 

NOTE:  If the problem is a bad ground, it could affect ALL signals on the cable, including the cable TV and VoIP phone services as well as internet for your entire neighborhood. 


Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. 


We called to set up an appointment just now. We described the problem on the phone to support and the lady on the phone said the signals levels looked fine (which is true) and she  said she saw no packet loss or time outs. She was NOT going to send out a technician until i mentioned this post on the forums and said a Spectrum Employee here, @Julia_R ,said we need a tech visit. 


How can we have over a million uncorrectables and Spectrum support not want to send out a technician?


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach the tier 1 tech and what info to provide?


@karlbeckman  I will check the ground block in the  morning, but our cable tv is operating fine despite the Internet problems. Is there anything else that would cause errors across the entire frequency spectrum?


@dstoffa That is exactly what happened but whatever the tier 2 guys did, or did not do, did not fix the problem, and since they do not communicate with us we cannot follow up with them and are sent back to tier 1. 


The modem has an additional 200-300k more uncorrectables today on each channel. I would post a screen grab but the option to post an image like in the original post is no longer there. 


Also some additional info for the tech savvy that might help in diagnosing the problem. The problem is always there but it is worse during the fall/winter.  We have suspected the cause of this to be TW rolling out upgrades during this period, but we are no longer sure about that. The problem is also worse during the day during "high volume" hours.  The evenings are typically when the problem is at its worst.


I will update after the tech visit tomorrow. 





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Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period



I can see in our diagnostic tool that your SNR and Downstream RX levels are out of range.  You can show the technician this post and your modem logs.   If the issue is not resolved, please let us know.  


Re: Million Uncorrectables over 24 hour period

Okay, technician just left. Cannot say enough nice things about this technician who asked to remain anonymous. He was super nice and very forthcoming. He showed me all the signal levels and explained what everything was on his diagnostic tool. The signals all came back good. 


At first the MER and BER went red, but he replaced the strip of coaxial he was using, and they then stayed green. This still concerns me but i trusted what he had to say and hopefully it was just the coaxial cable. 


The problem, according to the technician, was that the modem had not been registered. We got mail a few weeks back saying we needed to upgrade our modem. When we went to the office to pick a new one up we were told the new modem was preregistered. But it was not. Therefore TW thought we were stealing internet and the modem was thus being throttled.  


The problems in the past with the noise may have been fixed and the problem persisted because I had been in the habit of turning off the modem every night and it may have therefore been throttled. 


The technician suggested if I have problems in the future i check registration.rr.com to make sure the modem has not become unregistered after an update/power cycle. 


The technician said that uncorrectables do not matter on the TW/Spectrum network. This goes against everything i have read on the internet, but i have no reason not to believe him.  


I am both skeptical (uncorrectables - ber - mer) and hopeful (technician explanation) that this problem is resolved. If it is not i really do not know where to go from here. 


I would like to say again the technician was very helpful and professional and represented Spectrum well if any management pays attention to such things.