Hulu Live TV App with TWC Internet Problem

I subscribe to Hulu Live TV. Lately channels we are supposed to receive for our zip code are not ones being received.

Hulu tells me it due to our IT address not being part, or in, our zip code. I understand from TWC that they do not assign our IP address as that is set by our router.

I am IT challenged and do not who is correct and how to correct the problem.

If anyone has advice or experienced this, would love to hear from you.


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Re: Hulu Live TV App with TWC Internet Problem

Half right.

Your router assigns your private IP Address that is used behind the router (like, but Spectrum is assigning your public address (like that is critical for getting packets to the external side of your modem.

Hulu is using that public address to check a database for geo data to figure out where you are.

A key question is more about whether that data is just off in that particular database, or if that address is part of a subnet that is usually used for that other zip code. Then you would have a better idea of who needs to make adjustments.

You can check with various services to gauge where your address is more commonly assigned. You can find several services via google if you like, but some may not be comfortable clicking on random links from a Google search. There is a nice "whois" dig site though that can give you your public address as well as some other key data (including some geolocation data):


Re: Hulu Live TV App with TWC Internet Problem

Thanks for reply. I will be try the suggestions.