How to get Spectrum Service to a rural area (North Leander, TX)

We recently moved outside the city limits of Leander and came to find out that there isn't one single provider for high-speed interenet in the area. We moved to a neighborhood that has been around for about 15-20 years, and yet, high-speed internet is non-existent.


They are developing a new neighborhood next to ours and I imagine AT&T and other providers will be jumping on board to provide for the area. I personally am not a fan of the big corporations like AT&T and would like to suggest that Spectrum should power through and get to us before they do. 


Our neighborhood alone consists of 50-55 homes and would all want the service. Please advice and help us bring Spectrum to Silver Creek Ranch in Leander, TX.  (30.632397, -97.908604)


Thank you

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Re: How to get Spectrum Service to a rural area (North Leander, TX)

You will need to speak with the franchising authority for your market. I would assume it is the same at the town you live outside of.

To that end, the franchise agreement typically has build out requirements as a function of home density. You will need to live on a road that has, say, 30 homes per mile, and those homes cannot be more than, say, 200 feet from the road. (These are numbers for discussion. Your actual numbers will likely be different.)

Many franchising agreements were drafted for delivery of television, not broadband internet. So you can only hope that when the agreement is up for renewal, the conditions are changed.

In my market, Time Warner would wire anyone who wasn’t wired, provided they paid for it. The cost was $4 per foot, or $20,000 per mile from the nearest served location. Good luck!


Re: How to get Spectrum Service to a rural area (North Leander, TX)

how many miles is it to the nearest TWC/Spectrum service area?

You may be able to RF link it