How do you figure out who an employee is and compliment them?

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There is yet hope for good customer service.....


My modem went down. Spectrum customer service said there is no outage nor service calls in my area and they can't find the modem. The modem had gone down another time recently, but eventually came back up whikle I was at work. So I figured it's time had come after 5 years.  I priced out a good modem and headed for Walmart.


Well, now I am both agravated and happy at the same point in time. I'm agravated because customer service doesn't know what it's talking about and said that there was no service going on in my area. However, on my way to Walmart about 3 houses away... There is a service truck working on the lines. So I stop and ask him if he might be the reason I had no internet, he asked where I lived, I pointed to the house and said it was likely him and that it would be fixed in half hour or so. So I saved 90 bucks  Smiley Happy 


The service tech was super cool - He actually stopped by the house to let me know he was finished... And he also wanted to let me know there was a damaged main line that will be getting fixed soonish and that there will be another outage at that time. When I mentioned my previous problem with my modem going down, he told me about another service call that happened last Sunday.


Now, keep in mind.... I had no service call in with Spectrum. He just stopped on his own since he knew which house I was in (even though it was just after 9pm and he likely wanted to get home) I love ppl that go above and beyond their job!!! Wish everyone was like that!!! It was really cool of him.

I didn't think to ask his name Smiley Sad Any idea if/how I can find out his name based on him being on a call in my area? And, if so, how do I go about complimenting him on superior customer service to the right person?

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Re: How do you figure out who an employee is and compliment them?

Good morning!


Glad to hear he was able to get things back up and running for you and was able to let you know of the work going on in the area.


If you would like to DM us Forums_Help with your account information and the address where he had been working we can get kudos for him  over to the right team in the area.



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