High jump in pings from one hop and then texas TRACERT

Recently (6-1-19)  theres a huge increase doing a tracert between hop 5 and hop 6. Can or will this get corrected or am I out of luck?

This is the hop where pings rise dramatically "bu-ether16.dllstx976iw-bcr00.tbone.rr.com []"


Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 8 ms 9 ms 9 ms
2 23 ms 153 ms 21 ms agg63.sndgcaxu02h.socal.rr.com []
3 14 ms 16 ms 15 ms tge0-8-0-5.pldscabx02r.socal.rr.com [
4 18 ms 16 ms 23 ms agg22.tustcaft01r.socal.rr.com []
5 19 ms 15 ms 23 ms ae-5-0.cr0.chi10.tbone.rr.com []
6 86 ms 87 ms 87 ms bu-ether16.dllstx976iw-bcr00.tbone.rr.com [66.10
7 83 ms 79 ms 88 ms bu-ether12.atldga10ds1-bcr00.tbone.rr.com [66.10
8 87 ms 79 ms 80 ms bu-ether18.atlngamq46-bcr00.tbone.rr.com [66.109
9 82 ms 79 ms 80 ms bu-ether12.asbnva1611w-bcr00.tbone.rr.com [66.10



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Re: High jump in pings from one hop and then texas TRACERT

The only advice I can give is to NOT rely on the device name as an indication of its physical location.  Hardware gets moved around from time to time to repair outages and their IP addresses will get changed, but the device names sometimes do not, or could be assigned in a way that's logical to the maintenance teams but not to us.  Therefore we here on the forums can't assume that particular router is actually in Dallas, TX.  It could be at the CA end of a long-haul link going to Dallas, or it could just have been installed in Dallas at some point in the past and not updated.  The IP address is all that matters to the techs running the network diagnostics and repairs.


Re: High jump in pings from one hop and then texas TRACERT

Thanks for the reality check. I was hoping it's not permanent, but it may be. I was enjoying 23ms in an online game that suddenly is staying at 80ms now. As you can see, the other hops stay around 85ms the rest of the way to the server. And you're right,  the game server still has the same IP address as when it was 23ms, it didn't change.  It's a small but noticable difference in my gameplay.  It'll now take me a little time to adjust my aim and lead my shots more.   ;-) 

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Re: High jump in pings from one hop and then texas TRACERT

Looks like ramnode (or their provider) has been tweaking peering arrangements recently... which may be a good thing considering they are in the Atlanta area. Give it some time for the bgp announcements to catchup and all... the routes may get cleaner on their own.