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Re: Has Spectrum disabled my MOCA???

@MsRaye wrote:

none of the above show the needed 1gHz low pass "moca" filter and splitter changes required to add in or change to a cable tv system.  It was not designed to work that way, TWC & Spectrum do not support it either.

 You need to contact a local home a/v contractor if you can't do it yourself.

 Cable QAM 256 levels are critical and none of the above diagrams will support cable tv and moca as there's imprperly placed and lossy splitters feeding various rooms.

 There is also a 4 port moca output ONT that simply has an internal 4 way splitter. It too was not designed and won't work by replacing it with a 4 way splitter  You need a router and a moca adapter as well as a moca injection splitter to diplex cable tv and moca on the same coax and probably a special moca & Cable distribution amplifier if there's more than 3 devices on the coax side.

It also has a max speed of 100 megs if everything is installed correctly.



I would think a couple of pairs of well placed powerline adapters would be much cheaper  and easier to install...  And would keep the CATV system away from the LAN...