Get rid of Spectrum modem?

I recently cancelled my cable and phone, and am internet only. I have my own modem, which I installed a while ago to avoid paying the lease fee. Now that I'm internet only, can I return the Spectrum telephony modem and just use my own? My local store told me this isn't possible, but it seems ridiculous to have two, and when I log into my account only my modem shows up.


Thanks in advance.


Re: Get rid of Spectrum modem?

That's messed up... Are you paying a lease fee on the spectrum modem?

If so, return it to a store , get it taken off the bill and be SURE TO GET A RECEIPT!


Spectrum, unlike TWC, had modems for free.... so until they charge lease fees, keep it on a shelf. It's not coasting you anything.

Next issue, since you dropped cable, remove the splitter, put the modem directly on the ine running outside

or put a terminating resistor on the unused port Like the unused modem, you don't need to plug in the power, just the coax line



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Re: Get rid of Spectrum modem?

So that we are clear.


You had phone, Internet and Video service.

You were using our modem for phone service

You were using your own for Internet service


You have cancelled the video and phone service. If this is accurate you do need to turn in the modem that you used for the phone service. 


You absolutely can use your own modem for the Internet service whether you are using a Spectrum plan or a Legacy TWC plan.


It does need to be on the approved list but that is the only issue with using your own. 


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